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2020-01-30541tonycpsuMathematical constants, for example, the 72 character limit on post titl
2019-12-2081DirtyOldTownPony Request: FanFare Bump
2019-12-01277ShooBooCan FanFare posts have a "where you can see this" field?
2019-11-05202softlordSmall pony: ongoing word count on Mefi posts
2019-10-077910Orange Dinosaur SlidePost Your Name Month!
2019-08-27315WordshoreMost eponysterical post or comment
2019-08-2311631If only I had a penguin...Post Your Animal Month
2019-08-04398biogeoPony request: MathJax
2019-06-12578potrzebiePony: Option to hide "Favorited by Others" on profile?
2019-04-18193Weeping_angelPolitics Chat Pony?
2019-03-25223FaintdreamsFanfare Pony Request. Ability to hide/mute shows ?
2019-03-1482Homo neanderthalensisPony request: books on watercooler and fanfare front page
2019-02-15191RhaomiStrike that, reverse it?
2019-01-30242not_the_waterDetermining "D'oh!" draft delay
2019-01-17158chappell, ambrosePony - link to active threads no longer on the first page
2019-01-08154freethefeetFanfare Feedback
2018-12-1391sciatrixAn impatient pony: queuing FPPs?
2018-10-31275cichlid ceilidhJumping Pony on Mobile
2018-10-25166advicepigPony Request: Recent activity on my recent activity?
2018-10-22225gryftirPony Request: Buttons, the type you pin to things
2018-09-12185Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, TheCan we get a bigger text box on Mobile Modern?
2018-07-1163MitheralExtended new comment Show Pony
2018-05-30145AthanassielPony request: identifying links to Medium
2018-04-21482Going To MaineA tag-searhc Pony
2018-03-3114096cortexBringing back gopher was just the start.
2018-01-28472NanukthedogThere's a Fanfare Talk?
2017-09-08555Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, TheAny chance of marking Twitter links like Youtube ones?
2017-04-12513gusottertroutFanFare Needs a Pony
2017-04-011487Eyebrows McGeeMetatalktail Hour: The Requested Pony
2017-03-03162RedOrGreenFavorited comments, but not in *those* threads
2016-09-15423limeonaireAny chance of resurrecting this favorites pony request?
2016-06-13123usonianPony Request: social app support for
2016-05-23181FaintdreamsFanfare Pony / Feature Addition request
2016-05-07684rikschellPony Request: The Orange
2016-04-241595CookiebastardDead Pony Request
2016-03-22341overeducated_alligatorAutomatic double post checking with Javascript?
2016-02-26862vibratory manner of workingMore color for Classic ponies
2016-02-201604JustinianPony Request: Edited Flag
2016-02-02543a fiendish thingyA way to request FPPs?
2015-11-02412joseph conrad is fully awesomeThis pony prances about in the meadow, with butterflies, ribbons, etc.
2015-10-16534hippybearPony request: IRL Regional Meetup tools
2015-08-17185zarqTime for some thrilling heroics
2015-08-01706Too-TickyA pony of many genders
2015-07-07693joseph conrad is fully awesomeCharacter limit for titles on fpps
2015-05-1422241DeoridheFriends! Countrypeople! Lend me your Pets.
2015-04-2371romakimmyA Fat Thumbed Pony
2015-04-23123phunniemeeI would ride this pony into a sunset and a title card that says The End.
2015-03-14354Going To MaineComics (& other serialized content) on Fanfare
2015-01-29783Going To MaineRecent Activity Comment Length Po[...]
2014-09-24331jbickersFanfare pony request: Ability to not specify an episode
2014-09-12104sparklemotionLet's fill the stable: My Fanfare
2014-08-149129[expletive deleted]Not Sure if Bug Report or Pony Request
2014-08-01293ocherdracoPodcast Post Pony Petition
2014-07-17264sparklemotionI don't want to see this
2014-06-20213kagredonArrested Development Fanfare Rewatch and a pony inquiry
2014-06-16111bfranklinFanfare Pony Request
2014-06-082917Eyebrows McGeeCurated Movie Series/Clubs
2014-05-252712pjernFanFare Miniature Pony
2014-05-16201jsturgillData set of links to comments made in other posts?
2014-03-26727orange swanFor those of us with a finger in more than one internet pie
2014-02-11301Westringia F.A pony for our MeFi birthdays?
2014-01-1671raihan_IRL reminders?
2013-12-18442ScientistCan we get a "Remove from Activity" button on the Mobile site?
2013-12-05841Daddy-OCertainly I'm not the only one who would find this pony useful
2013-12-02121Kid CharlemagneBut it was my favoritest George Washington comment!
2013-10-181161ArtwFreindship is Magic
2013-09-20552askmehowpony request: auto link obvious urls in posts
2013-08-26551jbickersSave for later?
2013-08-15161stebulusPony: Don't send focus to search box when search results page loads
2013-07-18301ocherdracoIRL Request: When posting, notification of other IRL events on same day
2013-07-17561corbPony Request: This Link Has Been Posted Before - Comments Version
2013-07-169423sacrifixFeature request: Random favorite button
2013-06-217013bfranklinMy Little Pony: Sidebar Magic
2013-06-20231evaristeRandom Pony Request
2013-06-17414seanmpuckettA Pony with a Green Check Cutie Mark
2013-06-0271mokinA well-read pony
2013-06-02182capricornArchive of Our Own profile widget?
2013-04-18932Artw3000+ Comment Megaponies
2013-04-11334maryrYou're my favorite.
2013-03-26241OmieWiseCould we switch to "newest first" for comments in a user's activity?
2013-03-211262corbPony Request: Delete Notifications
2013-02-17482mishaWHY CAN'T I HAZ MOAR ANGRY TOADZ?
2013-02-121002FaintdreamsMetafilter et al Rocks! and yet.. Pony request for short-story subsite
2013-02-07842phunniemeeWhen I was your age, this space was for jokes.
2013-01-25261softlordLinky Pony: URL search for previous postings
2012-12-29461beagleCurvy arrow pony
2012-12-23113Fui Non SumQuonser-Quonsee Relations
2012-11-26901griphusThe Buddy System Works
2012-11-13232swiftH / L keyboard shortcuts?
2012-11-07491grouseAjax for all!
2012-11-04132genopt into notification for IRL meetups
2012-10-26701drfuA little iOS love in the user profile
2012-10-26292Brandon BlatcherHTML buttons on Edit Profile Page?
2012-10-161212schmodMarkup Markdown Mark It All Around
2012-10-121618seasparrowSomething I never thought I'd see here
2012-08-29221ifjulyspread the jam
2012-08-223090Foci for AnalysisA Mefi profile guide: recommending web hosting, domain registrar, cms, e-mail services
2012-07-08512modernserfNearby Users && Social Explorer
2012-06-191008the man of twists and turnsMetaFilter naming culture and conventions
2012-05-18162triggerfinger"Expand all" on favorites?
2012-05-111523NomyteSee them fighting in the street, 'cause they can't make opinions meet.
2012-05-01667JHarrisPony request: Place to put unasked-for tips
2012-03-221211jeffburdgeswhat's the deal?
2012-03-15516Doleful Creatureshuffling the hive mind
2012-03-12316valkyrynTrackback pony?
2012-03-10281codacorollaFavorite categorization revisited
2012-03-04375rabbitrabbitPony Request: IRL notifications
2012-03-021154clarknovaThe pony is too cute.
2012-02-177912robocop is bleedingNext Generation of Moderator
2012-02-15182zarqDefine "Interesting."
2011-12-3112519kittenmarloweWho wants post-Quonsmas presents? Or: Metafilter Craft Exchange?
2011-12-13455amandaHow will I search for my favorite pony?
2011-11-19161Westringia F.Thread bookmarking for recent activity
2011-11-18293le morte de bea arthurIt's a wonderful piebald Falabella pony
2011-11-161102qxntpqbbbqxlflaggy pony wants more flags
2011-10-28201Jacob GRecent Activity Pony Power
2011-10-17361EvaDestructionSave a click, spoil a user
2011-09-111991curious nuI know where you're coming from
2011-08-3013410flapjax at midnitecan't click - no time - want mouseover
2011-08-19432seanyboySingle Comment URL's
2011-08-05444Brandon BlatcherCome chill out with MeFi Mag#5
2011-08-04541Mister FabulousI don't think our vegetarian friends would care for MeatFilter
2011-07-289812trollMay this burning pony flesh be pleasing unto the nostrils of the MODS
2011-07-161355ropeladderFeel free to reply in an acerbically humorous fashion. Or not. Up to you.
2011-07-071282dunkaduncI would ride this pony all over town.
2011-06-291494NomyteNot Brony-ist.
2011-06-081625desjardinsPony: A way of tracking replies in a thread
2011-06-06639Apropos of SomethingLibraryThing Currently Reading
2011-06-06172SongdogMy Little Pony Request: please consider adding Favorites to the Mobile Site menu.
2011-06-04152biscottiNew posts box like new comments box?
2011-05-21324George_SpiggottExpand posts in-place on the front page?
2011-05-1563showbiz_lizViewing popular favorites for posts tagged 'pony'
2011-04-18231RhaomiSorting Search Results by Number of Favorites 2: Electric Boogaloo
2011-04-16373EatTheWeakAnonymous followups to anonymous questions
2011-04-11132almsPlease display tags in the mobile style sheet
2011-04-06884jtronA tiny, corralled pony
2011-04-06241Lovecraft In BrooklynMy Little Pony: Mobiles Are Magic
2011-04-03141empattersonMissed out on April Fool's Day?
2011-04-01685wyzewomanPlease grow mah favorite button!
2011-03-245512mishaIt's coming right out of the screen at me
2011-03-0817538RickaliciosoWider minus sign to remove from favorites - – −
2011-03-0625021adrianhonThe Metafilter Magazine
2011-03-02304xenophileWe can haz favorites categorization?
2011-02-19162Pickman's Next Top ModelPony Request: Metafilter Video Playlist!
2011-02-10283zarqAdd a Link. Scroll Down. Add a Link. Scroll Down. Repeat Ad Infinitum.
2011-02-05291shiu mai babyThis link is already here!
2011-02-0234914dunkaduncEveryone likes ponies!
2011-01-31444JacquelineAny interest in a Frequently Recommended Books wiki page?
2011-01-28101klangklangstonBack is to the left, back is to the left
2011-01-261852killdevilWhat say ye of the edit window?
2011-01-111565TwelveTwoThis pony is too small.
2010-12-29221MizuCool people don't use E when they don't have to
2010-12-23343codacorollaBlame library school, I guess
2010-12-17322empathEasier favoriting on the mobile version?
2010-12-13481unSaneMusical Pony request
2010-11-20305rmd1023Ravelry redux
2010-11-0761madcaptenorPony request: can I see proposed IRL events on my iPhone, in a mobile-friendly format?
2010-11-03101titantopplerNot for posts, but for comments; same same but different...
2010-10-221162l33tpolicywonkREQUIRES TINY HORSEY
2010-09-30171reductiondesign+ --> - ?
2010-09-18502onalarkWhy do we close AskMetafilter threads after one year?
2010-09-14391SparxHey! Guess what happened!
2010-09-03297The Winsome Parker LewisTrees of hierarchy are pretty, let's plant some
2010-08-21781darkmatterTeacher Teacher, Billy is cussing.
2010-08-061121chairfaceBeating a dead pony, but with pictures.
2010-07-30824Greg NogSearching through favorites by poster's name
2010-06-24585artlungFormal AskMe Followup Posts?
2010-06-20361doublehappyTargeted AskMe?
2010-06-18101Michael RobertsPony request: MeFi notification of deleted posts
2010-06-07161canine epigrambecause we can't have too many visualizations of awesome information
2010-05-26101antonymousLast year's favorites, please!
2010-05-233910griphusGood Advice!
2010-05-14432mccarty.timTrauma Center: IANAD
2010-05-12211seanyboylink contains malware
2010-04-26448found missingliteral small pony request
2010-04-01161finiteNon-modal player pony
2010-03-10101robototMy pony has an iPhone
2010-03-08241nevercalmCollapsing threads in recent activity
2010-02-28462WCityMikeStatus of "Editing Window" Feature?
2010-02-08391nilesRelated Posts
2010-02-05381Kid CharlemagnePeople who have favorited Kid Charlemagne's commentary have also snaked about....
2010-01-08161thisjaxGitHub in social apps?
2009-12-15121flatluigiIndexing tags for search
2009-08-17111disillusionedYouTube Fullscreen?
2009-07-27671The Devil TeslaMeFi Auctions
2009-07-24371nevercalmPosting pony petition
2009-07-23101sleslieMore Free Form and More Go Nuts, Please
2009-07-02541joeclarkProcession of user numbers
2009-06-18882metaBugsblood from a stone
2009-06-18321Muffpubi need feedback/help and don't know if mefi is appropriate.
2009-06-09682EmpressCallipygosMeFi's own Craigslist?
2009-05-17321ShawnStringNew Comment request for ten pages
2009-04-2171mottyMeMu Makes Me Sad