Find posts in MetaFilter where the deletion reason contains "fart".

2014-03-171jason's_planetHappy St. Patrick's Day!
Farts are the universal language, but I'm afraid this is still too slight for a post. -- LobsterMitten
2012-06-144nowhere manThe Kashi GoLEAN Crunch FartFest
This is a five year old blog post that is basically a fart joke that links to a NSFW-ish blog with photos of dead dogs and feces (not together) on the main page. Maybe it's not a great post for MetaFilter. --
2011-09-2624ericb"Is My Son Gay?"
This is basically a fart piano app except with a wrongheaded quiz instead of musical fruit toots, yeah? It's easy Gakwer fodder but I'm not sure there's really a Metafilter post if "this tasteless thing exists in a sea of crappy apps" is really the whole
No one would accuse me of being anti-fart, but this is a teeny little news-of-the-weird article. -- cortex
2008-07-029dawsonMore Cultured Than Yogurt!
JULIET: Farting is such repeat sorrow. -- cortex