Which posts tagged with "music" in Ask MetaFilter have the most favorites?

2016-09-24269Gosha_DogWhat are your favorite transcendent, gives you the chills, performances?
2010-11-06267Rory Marinich:D
2009-10-07242Lipstick ThespianYou Are Trying To Break My Heart
2011-06-15198longbaughGotta Run Now!
2009-09-10188jjgWhat is the best love song you've ever heard?
2009-07-22183JaltcohLet's have bizarre celebrations
2011-12-14182micketymocIntroduce me to mindblowing covers of cliched songs.
2010-03-09181n'muakoloSongs that make your heart swell?
2011-01-27170palacewallsa little bit goes a long way if you do it every day
2009-09-15169cranberrymongerWhat album is so good that you never skip a song?
2012-04-20158airguitar2Songs for a Better Future
2014-08-23155glhaynesI'm a boring person and I want boring music to go with my life.
2014-02-10141redsparklerMore Languidly Sultry Songs, Please!
2007-04-10139Robot JohnnyYour favourite indie band sucks.
2012-01-17138kdernWhat are your very favorite songs - songs you can listen to over and over again?
2010-06-01135clearlyThrow the tape machine in the bathtub once the song climaxes!
2011-10-07134EchobellyVoice & instrument
2010-09-10134aintthatthewayMusic of the Forest
2009-05-29132BeardmanHelp me unlock the power of the four chords.
2019-01-22131mymblethMusic to make your guests think you're cool
2008-07-16131dpx.mfxWhat's your favorite happy summertime high energy tune?
2010-04-02129archagonHeart-wrenching classical music?
2013-02-01127showbiz_lizThe most fabulous albums
2013-03-16125cherrybounceThe song that helps you make it those last few minutes on the treadmill?
2014-01-04124scodyThis rock chick needs more rock chicks to listen to.
2016-02-03123rthaConscious Hip-hop for Newbies?
2015-03-03118blueskiesinsideI'm tired of listening to angry men, I want to listen to angry women
2019-02-23118TEAYou loved “alternative” music in the 80s. What do you listen to now?
2011-05-12116valkyrynAll's you need's a hug
2017-06-19114helloimjennsco"Songs That Make You Go ""THAT'S MY SONG!"""
2009-08-17114Christ, what an assholeI like 'em big when they're inside me
2011-04-30113EmpressCallipygosLull Me To Sleep Without Using Enya
2013-01-10113carolinaherreraDark and lovely songs
2018-03-04111stillmovingWhat songs does everyone recognize, but not know?
2008-06-16108gnutronClassical classics
2011-09-04108drpynchonDinner party music recommendations
2010-09-17107The WhelkSeriously the last album I bought was This Is It.
2016-10-20107switcherooSongs that put you in the BEST MOOD POSSIBLE
2013-01-17107availablelightHelp me join my generation or at least get more cultural references.
2012-09-28106ocherdracoNon-US radio, please
2016-07-19106megganCan you suggest more music like this?
2010-11-06104pootlerHelp me find addctive, uplifting indie pop/folk bands to listen to on repeat
2014-07-11103ohsnapdragonLove songs for married couples?
2013-06-03102RapcityinBlueWhat’s the best way to practice to get good at _____
2013-01-02102youcancallmealWho are the new great composers?
2012-09-29102agregoliMore videos like Gangnam Style?
2012-09-09102heavenstobetsyJoy Inducing Playlist
2015-03-25101AnonymousSensual Songs
2010-01-26101lemonadeWhat songs do you listen to on repeat--and then once more?
2010-10-1899fantodsticYet Another What Similar Album Do You Recommend Question :)
2010-04-2299the other sideMusic that makes you feel like you could walk through a brick wall.
2011-12-0599jingleMusic recs
2011-10-2498MuirwyldeBeyond Thievery Corporation?
2010-04-2898larthegreatCountry Music is Not Evil. Prove it.
2014-04-2997telegraphSummer jamz for 2014
2016-01-1497His thoughts were red thoughtsCover me, bro!
2011-03-1396blackcatcuriouserTired of Pitchfork.
2009-04-1296Lipstick ThespianWhat Indie Band Goes Best With 70's Rock?
2007-08-0496Ambrosia VoyeurToonz for noobz?
2015-02-1095mippyPower pop-me-up!
2016-03-2194joycehealy Even if things end up a bit too heavy we'll all float on alright
2011-03-1094gnashBest children *non-children* songs?
2013-11-1394fx3000Lyric-free music for good concentration while working?
2010-04-1494marxchivistHappy 1980's Pop Music Wanted Please
2012-07-0793moonroofFolk Me Up
2018-03-0493Happy DaveMusic that gives you chills?
2012-05-2693flibbertigibbetIndie pop female vocalists
2012-05-2492royalsongI want to listen to songs that make me cry.
2011-11-0992FuckingAwesomeI want to start listening to classical music but have no experience of this genre / form whatsoever. Where to start?
2007-07-2691ND¢Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down. Anyplace but those I know by heart.
2010-08-1290leotrotsky'we had the same dream'
2010-11-2890ScientistHelp me turn my apartment into a den of sin.
2010-04-0490Rory MarinichI want to fall to my knees and whatnot
2020-09-2590Dr. WuMusic To Grade To
2019-07-1890pH Indicating Socks30 minutes to an hour of heaven
2013-05-1490threeantsa change is gonna came
2008-02-2390amanlikeme"Please help me find great, unknown ""hidden gem"" soul and R&B artists."
2014-10-1589Fister RobotoWhat are your go-to songs for making sweet love to?
2013-10-0189Rory Marinichvery, very difficult, and very, very fun
2010-05-1089anya32real love music mix
2012-09-1389jeismeWhat music makes you most productive?
2013-10-29883491againMusic to stay alive to
2019-06-2587ocherdracoAlbums to be at home to
2015-02-2586just_duckyHelp me make my workout sound better, please!
2011-03-0486MaddyRexchanneling tracy jordan
2009-08-2085internet!HannahKnow any good music covers I should hear?
2013-02-2285(F)utilityI'd like to listen to some hopeful and reassuring songs
2008-04-2585carbideUnhip to the hip hip hop
2011-01-3085anya32what is your favorite sexy music playlist?
2009-09-0585hazyspringSeeking dark, sexy rock music.
2015-07-3084divined by radiotime can heal, but this won't: the playlist
2007-11-2583koenieHelp me compile the ultimate stoner playlist.
2011-09-2883droolsharkYour favourite websites for staying current with art, design, and culture?
2013-11-0282capricornBlues my face off!
2014-07-0682PhilbySeeking Classical Music Recommendations
2010-10-2282skwtgood, “simple,” engaging, beautiful “classical” music
2018-02-0382AutomocarHow do old people find new music
2014-04-0281Selena777Please help me find the hippie stripper soundtrack of my dreams!
2013-04-2581lunasolEthereal yet poppy electronic music?
2008-12-0481reenumGive me knowledge with a side of head nodding
2012-01-2680Cool Papa BellYou Gon' Get Some
2011-09-1380NomyteHere come the warm jets.
2011-01-1980WaspEnterprisesThis is my soundtrack when I'm climbing a figurative fourteener.
2009-05-1379tomatofruitWhat are some love songs that won't make me cry?
2016-12-0879quiet coyoteI see a darkness
2012-12-3179wannabecounselorFolky-rocky harmonizing music groups with male and female leads?
2016-11-2279MMALRProfound, moving, life-changing content (books, movies, etc.)
2009-09-1079zoomorphic"My neighbors will kill me if they hear ""PYT"" one more time."
2009-01-0279god particleROCK ME AMADEUS
2014-06-1478pretentious illiterateSongs that start off slow and sexy and then go completely off the hook
2011-12-1478catatethebirdBitter Songs
2016-06-2677the bird at the bottom of the treeMashup artists similar to Girl Talk?
2017-04-0577Eyebrows McGeeBest Local Radio Stations - TuneIn
2014-08-2277tomorrowBooty Call Song
2010-12-1277empathUneasy Listening?
2011-03-1177kingjoeshmoeClassic rock/pop songs that play well on a single acoustic guitar?
2016-05-1977cmojHelp me destroy our forefathers with Future Noise
2012-12-0277deern the headliceWhat songs embody that 'spooky' country & western feel?
2018-08-1376cult_url_biasWhat are the definitive music videos of the last 10-ish years?
2008-08-1876dmaterializedWhat Sounds Like DMST+ASMZ?
2010-02-0175dawnofthereadGreat music for running?
2016-11-3075A Robot Ninja"Is there a ""Couch to 5k"" for creativity?"
2009-07-2375TheyCallItPeaceTo me do really is a deer, a female deer ...
2013-05-2275aka burlapQuirky indie songs about love and happiness
2008-12-1374ageispolisTabs with No Ads
2011-03-3074miss_kitty_fantasticoUplifting tunes for the resolutely optimistic
2011-08-0274seriousmoonlightWhat unknown singer-songwriters do you love and think I should know about?
2009-08-3074flibbertigibbetSongs that are a throwback to the 1930s-1960s?
2012-03-3073DeathaliciousHelp my sing to my baby!
2017-04-2673aclevername"""You Got This"" songs"
2015-01-0173tyllwin"Can you point me towards some 2014 ""best-of"" musical playlists?"
2010-06-3073po822000I'm too young to be old.
2011-03-0173The Violet CypherMore like Mumford & Sons?
2009-11-2173samsarahwintry mix
2009-01-2572heavenstobetsySo you're listening to what?
2009-11-2872MaryDellamorteWhat songs make you want to get up and dance?
2010-02-1672ShootTheMoonMore music like Girl Talk - Night Ripper
2010-07-3072SourisnoireHelp the girl run to music!
2010-09-2872gravelshoesI want to teach myself music theory
2014-04-1872BlerpityBloopBeautifully Produced Albums - What haven't I heard?
2011-02-0872The WhelkBest little known or obscure love songs?
2012-10-1271waldoWhat are some upbeat songs by happy, playful musicians?
2016-09-0771MsMollyGive me songs that are joyfully solemn or solemnly joyous
2021-08-2071goingonitHow do I find new music I like?
2008-06-0271543DoublePlayHelp me to discover jazz!
2009-11-1470i_am_a_fiestaWhite Meets Black Music Mashups
2016-06-2370PhoBWanKenobiMy music tastes are stuck in 2004. Find me new music to love!
2008-09-0970webhundDeconstruct this Invitation?
2014-10-0170neil pierceUltra sparse music
2011-12-0970tallmiddleagedgeekRecommend me some good Internet radio stations!
2010-11-0670dzazWaaaa! I Wanna Wallow Just a Little Bit Longer!!
2011-12-116947triple2Gotta Get Some Boom Boom Pow
2016-12-2069zarqSongs to Sing Along To At The Top Of My Lungs In My Car
2016-04-1369DeltaForceDreamy folk psych rock recommendations?
2017-08-1969medusaCheerful hostile music!
2019-10-1869carlypennylaneIn search of Beautiful Instrumental Music to Live By
2015-06-2368pretentious illiterateWhat are the most stunning music videos of the past five years?
2011-01-0768LarrenDTik Tok is a sad song??
2018-08-0668srednivashtarWhere have all the music blogs gone?
2012-12-1868shotgunbootyCurrent hiphop
2007-04-2268sneakinDepress and sadden me with your beautiful melodies.
2015-06-1267escape from the potato planetPlease give me drones to put in my ear holes
2012-11-2967divabatSexy-Creepy Songs
2014-05-1267cosmicbeastI need some strange music
2016-08-0267frumiousbYour favourite well-curated Spotify playlists?
2012-08-1167LittleMissCrankyCatharsis for babies, I guess??
2008-04-1866twiggyI don't listen to what they're saying because then I'd be crying instead of dancing...
2015-12-3166starcrust12 months of music for 2016
2011-08-2266trogdoleMusic calms the angry peon.
2009-12-0666tumplesI want to make my own Geogaddi
2008-10-2966skylar(Non-obvious) classical music to scare girls to...?
2010-11-2566broadway billDeliver me MORE!
2010-11-0565kingjoeshmoeRap music that's not gangsta?
2008-03-1365ictowWhat's the best song Tarantino hasn't used yet?
2012-11-1365Mnky197Music to take on the world with!
2013-10-2265woodvineI wanna do bad things with you.
2019-04-1464ferret brancaListening to kids these days
2012-06-2264AfroblancoMusic puzzle #3
2009-09-0364HollyWho Will Sing Me to Sleep?
2015-08-0264bigendianShare your best Spotify genre playlists!
2010-05-3164LutoslawskiIf Elliot Carter had a radio smash hit it would be...
2006-10-2864empyreanFirst person to suggest Nickelcreek gets smacked with a Fiddle
2010-02-1364pete_22Music to fall asleep to
2011-07-2364aabbbieeMix CD: Sexy Songs, Awesome Bassline
2013-05-2964misskazNeed some great Summer 2013 songs for a playlist
2011-10-1563versBombastic, histrionic, over-the-top, emotionally cathartic songs
2014-09-1663silsurfIs anybody under five ALIVE out there!!
2016-10-1663picklenickleSongs with queer lyrics?
2014-06-0863rednikki"Songs that say ""You suck"" - cheerfully!"
2013-06-2463booksherpaHelp me find more personal anthems
2013-03-2263nevanGreat African music
2007-02-1562ninazer0Re-learning Piano without dying of Frustration
2011-03-2162byanyothernameMake Me a Melancholy Mixtape
2020-07-3162castlebravoEnya, if she drank coffee and sometimes got cut off in traffic
2013-12-1162blubUplifting songs about and by women
2010-03-0162zoomorphicFinger-picking good music recommendation, please
2014-01-3061procrastinationHigh-energy, visually interesting, utterly SFW music videos?
2020-11-0561Freelance Demiurge"Songs for ""just coasting"""