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2011-05-12116valkyrynAll's you need's a hug
2013-05-2275aka burlapQuirky indie songs about love and happiness
2011-02-0872The WhelkBest little known or obscure love songs?
2013-10-2265woodvineI wanna do bad things with you.
2011-07-2364aabbbieeMix CD: Sexy Songs, Awesome Bassline
2013-03-1055heavenstobetsyMix Tape Filter: Seeking bouncy songs that make you want to dance!
2009-05-0245AnonymousPlaylist for crush
2014-08-2939DirtyOldTownEvil, Sexy Tango
2013-07-1134DirtyOldTownEven Four Year-Old White Children Get the Blues
2006-09-2934heavenstobetsyLove Type Mix Tape - Nerdy Version
2015-09-0132bilabialSongs in the Key of Suck Major
2008-09-0131PhoBWanKenobiMixCD for an LDR
2010-02-0130CookiebastardWhat's some good foreign-language hip-hop?
2010-07-2329itstheclamsnameDanse Macabre Fever
2019-11-2529KrawczakWhat are your top Oboe jams to displease my roommate?
2019-09-0127Anne ShirleySongs That Use Religion As Metaphor for Love or Sex
2013-06-0725JimmyJamesWest Coast Playlist
2007-09-1625Roman GravesHelp me put together a ghoulishly good Halloween mix cd!
2006-08-0824scrumpHelp Me Avoid The Suck
2012-12-1323kenaldoHelp with a betrayel playlist.
2010-06-0122(Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) OatesStupid, Fun, and Simple
2018-07-0621mumkin"""Robot Music"" for a five year-old"
2009-04-1721crustixHelp making a mixtape of female fronted queer punk?
2013-06-0421allkindsoftimeLet's get it on...
2017-10-2020DirtyOldTownEmergency Mixtape: Quitting a Shitty Job Edition
2010-02-2619chairmanroflmaoEsoteric Mixtape Help
2020-01-1018VervainTo mix...the impossible mix.
2008-11-2018nicolas léonard sadi carnotThe bats have left the belltower; the victims have been bled.
2006-02-1417ChasFileAnit-love-song mixtape
2012-05-1817YmaAll I know is I take my medicine, I always take my medicine.
2012-10-1617thatgirldGIMMIE SONGS! (for a mix)
2009-08-2117aTrumpetandaDreamMixtapes similar to The Hood internet mix?
2012-02-1517umbúSeeking DJ wisdom
2010-08-0116princelyfoxLove Songs for Dead People
2010-08-0216AnonymousMaking a polyglot mixtape for a sweetheart
2016-06-0815Fister RobotoWhat is your favorite* closing track for a music album?
2010-09-1815advicepigSurely there's more than Funkytown...
2012-01-2415stellalunaRock 'n' Roll Could Never Hip Hop Like This
2014-05-0615domoWinchester Workout Mix
2006-08-1115nelleishSoundtrack to the end times
2012-03-2214thedanielWhat tracks for a Hitchhikers Guide party mix?
2011-12-2214sprocket87Dance party USA teeny bopper type ish?
2014-04-2414mediocreSeven Deadly Weeks of Mixtapes Vol 1: Lust, specifically fellatio
2007-07-0814SuparnovaLooking for indie rock love songs, specifically of the lesbian variety.
2011-04-1914nulledgeSelf-Referential Name Check Mixtape
2009-07-1713arhaYoshimi Battles the Pre Teens.
2011-09-2513mykesciparkChewing hides the sound.
2019-01-0213Anne ShirleyLong Distance Relationship Songs: Sad/yearning Edition
2012-12-1913orangemackySuggestions for mixtape?
2014-06-2913MallaHippy Shake
2006-09-0813fuzzbeanLive your life with arms wide open!
2007-10-1613craniacSka for my girls?
2009-09-1112Brody's chumSingers who listen to other songs?
2010-08-1511jsturgillGive me all sorts of violin music.
2008-03-0311sisquoc15Help me make a They Might Be Giants mixtape.
2006-06-2811sarahnadeSongs about Western and Midwestern States?
2011-07-1810crayonThat one site that does the things with the thingees.
2007-04-0310pompomtomAh, the good ol' days - nothing to worry about but a lingering death from radiation poisoning
2010-08-3010middleclasstoolPimp my Pandora mixtape.
2009-08-2210natabatMixtapeFilter: Geography
2009-10-2410CorduroyHere Comes Another Song
2005-06-059chotaSongs for Post-Breakup Blues
2008-08-259AnonymousVasectomy mixtape!
2008-09-199zoomorphicSubterranean Homesick Freshman
2008-09-299beta maleOh, this summer I did swan dives And jack-knives for you all
2011-01-199rubbergutfranklinI am on a quest to find some other really good longform mixes / mixtapes of the hip-hop or Ninja Tune variety.
2009-01-049The WhelkDancing about Architecture: Songs about art?
2014-06-049considerspaceSongs about starting to falling in love
2010-01-189nadawiwedding road trip, music needed
2007-10-198tangeloModern-day mix tape?
2012-09-248quertyAirplane Mixtape
2006-05-288salviaShoo bop sha wadda wadda yippity boop de boop
2008-10-078pumpkin11Needing hip hop love songs
2005-05-208mds35The Best Bridal Party Mix Tape Evah!!!
2008-04-028Ambrosia VoyeurYo Mama is an infamous object of ridicule and inspires paeans to her inimitable fail.
2004-12-098Lisa SMix tape suggestions
2009-02-178plexiBest online tools for creating an online mixtape
2016-05-158BaffledWaffleIndie music for metal head?
2009-05-097rachaelfaithWebsite that categorizes songs by genre and keyword?
2006-02-237hydrophonicThe other kind of math rock.
2007-04-087catburgerSongs about Europe
2007-05-277pantone292"""Little sister, don't you kiss me once or twice / Then say it's very nice / And then you run"""
2012-02-027frmrpreztaftWhat songs can i use for this themed mix-cd?
2017-05-226PanthalassaCan you identify these songs?
2009-08-076SolomonHelp me make a breakup mixtape
2011-02-056gypsyhymnsAll my bags are packed.
2008-05-156DoorFrameSongs about America
2016-05-066fizzixLooking for music that resembles one, Bojack Horseman
2010-08-075madredMusic to Live For
2014-12-035orangemackysuper cool mix tape please
2004-12-025MossyWhat songs uplift and inspire you?
2009-12-085anthropomorphicIs there a Muxtape analog yet? I've seen Mixtape.me but the song selection is constraining me.
2014-10-204MitheralMusic to read by.
2010-02-244The WhelkA steel town on a Saturday night is the champion my friends
2008-02-024LocativeSongs about Flying
2012-09-304sporkMore songs like this
2016-05-254baseballpajamasWe're Gonna Party Like it's (a Year that Ends in 6)
2006-12-053maniabugIs the mixtape episode of This American Life available anywhere online?
2016-09-093Prof IteroleCan you help compile a Zumba mixtape?
2006-04-303ifjulyShe reads Simone de Beauvoir in her American circumstance
2013-11-213FigHelp me fill out my birthday mix cd!
2015-04-243turbogeezerHow do I mix tape? (2015 version)
2010-09-193NavelgazerHelp me ause my ears for 36 hours of driving!
2017-12-023PanthalassaCan you identify this song?
2010-05-063The WhelkThat Blacklight Sound.
2008-03-063stupidsexyFlandersSongs about Occupations
2016-01-073tremspeedlossy formats to minidisc, that bad? or equally obscure mixtape format.
2006-08-013AddlepatedWhat songs for someone turning fifty?
2016-02-183taz"""The oysters were delighted"" song lyrics?"
2010-07-283carbideWe're gonna lean this ladder up against the water tower
2008-07-033psergioRocking with tv.
2012-05-072flawseknoContemporary songs about the Cold War?
2007-11-262vanoakenfoldMystery Mixtape Movie Score Track: Elfman, Zimmer & Kazoos
2015-02-112saurilMaking a Mixtape with iTunes
2009-08-172animerionAre mix tapes old hat or alive and kicking?
2009-02-172ajarbadayWhen a cowboy dreams of pasta, what is he playing on his guitar?
2008-07-042Del FarFireworks Mixtape.
2009-02-192CantdosleepyOnce again back is the incredible / the rhyme animal / etc etc etc
2008-08-172nixxonNeue Deutsche Welle song identification
2007-05-161bollockovnikovsongs about communal living
2010-03-311AnonymousThis was easier in the 80s...
2014-01-071moons in juneCan you help me identify this impossible to describe folk song?
2008-12-031baylinkWhat's the latest on burning CD mixouts?
2014-07-011crayonI miss cassette MixTapes! How to correctly tag/import into Itunes