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2021-03-12Speed Queen washer or... ?
2021-03-02Why Don't Plug-In Air Fresheners Work in My Home Any More?
2021-01-14is there something wrong with me
2021-01-03How many times must I forgive my neighbor?
2020-12-12When Santa got stuck up the chimney
2020-05-07I KNOW! sitcom catchphrase
2020-03-25"Do some friendships not ""translate"" well to text?"
2019-05-31How to battle alleged void car warranty?
2019-01-16Is having a colonoscopy without sedation a stupid idea?
2019-01-07How to become a person - tv edition
2018-12-11Welcome to another edition of Name My Cat!
2018-12-11Welcome to another edition of Name My Cat!
2018-10-28Is it ethical to refuse housekeeping at a hotel?
2018-08-02What should I buy from the Asian supermarket?
2018-06-30Musicals like The Greatest Showman
2018-06-25Positive empowering quotes to focus on during difficult divorce
2018-06-25Positive empowering quotes to focus on during difficult divorce
2018-05-23Midday Dog Walking Necessary?
2018-02-06Where does a fish go to be out of water?
2017-12-22What's the best retail spot carpet cleaner?
2017-12-05"""Lovingly"" mock a kid with feigned abandonment - is there a word for it?"
2017-10-11Phoenix Pizza
2017-08-26What interesting detective stuff can my daughter read / watch ?
2017-08-21Titles in Literate as Real Estate Headings.
2017-07-19Need ideas for a non-pointy wizard hat
2017-06-15What is this weird gross bug?
2017-05-12Long-lasting baked goods: peach + mint version
2017-02-14"""Bigfoot"" and ""THUMBelina"" are unacceptable."
2017-01-28No Name Kitten is no name for a kitten.
2016-12-08Simple basic whole-wheat bread recipe
2016-08-20Grownup camp care package
2016-01-11How does a comfort loving wimp toughen up? Winter exercise edition.
2015-12-27Help me develop the patience to get fit.
2015-12-09Please recommend some books.
2015-09-17Name a new kitty!
2015-05-24Too many greens
2015-05-19Please reinforce my favorite quote
2015-04-29What kind of duck is this supposed to be?
2015-03-23Songs for sucking the marrow out of life
2015-03-19Childhood arts and crafts I ca enjoy as an adult?
2015-02-01Middle-aged farts thinking about relocating to Phoenix/Tempe area.
2015-01-16The Weather Outside Is Frightening... And I Should Know.
2014-10-14When cats fly
2014-04-29What's a good movie to rent for a bunch of twelve year-old boys?
2014-02-19What the hell are they watching?
2013-11-30can I eat this, butter edition
2013-11-24Can father be legally required or encouraged to improve housing?
2013-10-12New Shimmer is a dessert topping AND a floor wax!
2013-08-14What small, cool things can I put in the secret compartment of a box?
2013-07-31Last, last, minute vacation?
2013-03-02Best (easiest) Mario games?
2013-02-22I need a theme for a non-gift wedding shower
2012-11-28Are naturopaths all quacks, and if not, how do I know I've got a good one?
2012-11-19Can anyone recommend a flameless pillar candle that flickers realistically, has a timer function, and doesn't glow orange?
2012-11-14Good Bad Teenage TV
2012-11-14Good Bad Teenage TV
2012-10-06Amicable Break Up CinemaTherapy (and BiblioTherapy)
2012-09-23Help me find Korean pop culture
2012-09-14book about living chess set
2012-08-28What should I put in a care package?
2012-05-23Help my toddler's constipation
2012-03-12I'm so tired, so very tired. Please help.
2012-03-08Long periods of boredom punctuated by brief periods of PRINT NOW!
2012-01-29Where can I go to see coins being made?
2011-10-19How to deal with tiredness caused by social interaction?
2011-10-19Binoculars for a budding birdwatcher
2011-10-11How can I find the perfect pajamas?
2011-09-03dating a person who speaks a different language...
2011-08-31My hair keeps TOUCHING me, so I'm cutting it off. Help me pick a style.
2011-08-19Movies about bored or jilted people who go on adventures
2011-08-03Hokiest Country Music Songs
2011-05-26No, I don't want to count red cars!
2011-05-15Is it unsanitary to do yoga on shared bathroom floor?
2011-04-27Developing a writing discipline
2011-04-26Actually, I just don't like you.
2011-03-30Summer Hatin'.
2011-03-21But on May 13th 1994 you PINKY SWORE you wouldn't ever....
2011-02-28Lost bedtime story book from the 1980's
2011-02-28Lost bedtime story book from the 1980's
2011-02-25What are some movies with strong messages?
2011-02-02Knocked Up Time Machine?
2011-01-26Language barrier in the classroom
2011-01-26Help me find new mystery authors.
2011-01-02Can you be happy alone? Or is it just contentment until the love of your live comes along?
2010-11-17What's a good duet song for a child and adult?
2010-11-05Homemade Gifts for Boys
2010-11-01DIY Gifts
2010-10-27My head is being a jerk
2010-10-12Religious food storage v hoarding laws?
2010-09-15Should we bring our car seat on to the plane?
2010-09-14What should I do if I'm not comfortable with kindergarten fund-raising in my child's name?
2010-09-13Will Santa still find us on the beach?
2010-08-22(the) road ends here
2010-06-16I really can't eat just one chip
2010-05-17I understand gestures and pointing but not sure if everyone else will.
2010-05-01Dog-friendly backyard
2010-03-30Will I be able to play the violin afterwards?
2010-03-25Children's books with complicated pictures
2010-03-17How do I declare my marital status on an online dating site?
2010-03-02Big man scary!
2010-01-20Help me find reusable doodle pad
2010-01-06Bring me your baked, your roasted, your long cooking favorites.
2009-10-05How?!: Perfume Smell OUT of Laundry.
2009-09-07Getting through a nasty cold?
2009-09-07Does injecting tesosterone in a vein require an immediate trip to the hospital?
2009-09-05It's all about YOU.
2009-08-06Birthday party favour ideas for kids under 8
2009-07-28Ideas for alcohol-free mingle for single parents and their kdis?
2009-06-27The most breathable shoes you've ever worn.
2009-03-22What is my life purpose?
2009-01-27I Loves Me Some Culture Clash
2008-12-10Clothing mess - how to solve?
2008-12-08His name is MacGyver. He can fix anything.
2008-10-23What gifts should I give my cousins?
2008-10-01"Coping with ""extreme commuting""?"
2008-09-28Creepy children's book question -- probably Russian/slavic or Middle Eastern
2008-09-27Liquid diet: alternatives to milkshakes.
2008-09-20What airlines will get me from Phoenix to New York City with three adult cats?
2008-09-04Short & Sweet Truth About Obama?
2008-08-09Looking for movies that will send me into hysterics!
2008-03-035 Hours in Phoenix
2008-02-11How to stay 'connected' with my daughter while away from home?
2008-02-09Why do I seem to be *less* healthy when I exercise??
2008-02-09Why do I seem to be *less* healthy when I exercise??
2008-02-01In my time of dying
2007-10-03Help me get my brain pumped up.
2007-09-15How to spice up a gift exchange?
2007-09-03The ONE and ONLY Gift AskMe Question
2007-08-29I need a bigger soupstrainer... STAT!
2007-08-23the hardest thing i've ever done/to be so in love with you and so alone
2007-03-20Is there a Flylady for FlyFulltimeworkingCouples?
2007-02-07Gift For Li'l Landlord?
2007-01-16"What's the middle ground between ""F.U!"" and ""Welcome!""?"
2007-01-04What should I bake using maple syrup?
2006-11-03How can I amuse myself at the expense of telemarketers?