Which comments by honey-barbara were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-11-15Dinner in Copenhagen this Sunday
2017-11-13I hurt a friend and I'm not sure how to proceed
2017-10-10Beyond vision boards
2017-06-17YANMD: Stuck Poop, Upper Colon Edition
2017-06-06I feel bullied; he feels confident
2017-05-25TV Pilots that show the protagonist when s/he was a child?
2017-05-14My neighbors are working hard to make enemies.
2017-04-05Should bring up a lack of contact between dates with stressed boyfriend?
2017-03-09Endometriosis caused that?!?
2017-03-08Endometriosis caused that?!?
2017-03-07Endometriosis caused that?!?
2017-03-07Endometriosis caused that?!?
2017-02-13Job interview follow-up email: emetic edition.
2017-02-09How should I react to my wife's bad moods?
2017-01-11Rebound or closure sex or...? Help me identify it
2017-01-03What should I do!!!
2017-01-03What should I do!!!