Which comments by BlahLaLa were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-16Christmas loo logistics for our cat
2019-12-13Yes, another question about pet euthanasia.
2019-12-07Where is the eggless vegetarian Thanksgiving stuffing of my dreams?
2019-12-04Covering gray/white hair
2019-11-25What are your top Oboe jams to displease my roommate?
2019-11-25Buying ice skates in southern Indiana
2019-11-25Buying ice skates in southern Indiana
2019-11-24Pre-rock & roll pop songs with overtures
2019-11-23I actually DO want Big Brother to monitor me...
2019-11-21Recommendations for supportive bra for large chest
2019-11-20A day and a half in LA - where to stay?
2019-11-18Help me navigate small-group travel in the modern era?
2019-11-15In search of business casual style inspiration!
2019-11-07How many books are printed in one edition of a book?
2019-10-04Driving to Big Bear Lake at New Year in a Prius
2019-10-03A sewing machine of my own
2019-09-30Which cat foods are the juiciest?
2019-09-28Aging goth needs new stompy boots
2019-09-26Should I switch from T-Mobile to Sprint?
2019-09-21Super smelly trash chute in modern 2015 apartment building—red flag?
2019-09-20In anticipation of Octoberfest, what is the best way to clean lederhosen
2019-08-22Best medical alert device for MIL?
2019-08-19Loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg Cons
2019-08-03What is my job title?
2019-08-01Help me find this cold salad recipe because I'm too hot to cook
2019-07-31Cats are disgusting
2019-07-31Cats are disgusting
2019-07-29ER used a specialist who doesn't take our insurance
2019-07-22Can I get a turkey sandvich over here while the comic is doing a set?
2019-07-10Is GoodRx legit?
2019-06-12Very specific fiction formatting question
2019-06-09Is barkcloth a comfortable fabric?
2019-06-09Beginner rates for copy editing?
2019-06-01Should I seek out a writer's group (and if so, how?)
2019-06-01Different wordlists for different Words with Friends players
2019-05-31Conflict Resolution: TV shows or movies?
2019-05-26concrete strategies for dealing with inevitable triggers
2019-05-21slip-ons / clogs / slippers for achilles tendon support?
2019-05-13Front desks in the pre-internet era
2019-05-08(When) Can I eat these?
2019-04-23What are some blue things that are native to Los Angeles?
2019-03-15Three 10 Year Olds = Movie?
2019-03-15Does she have to move out already? :(
2019-03-04What are these mystery texts?
2019-02-07Is this comma really necessary?
2019-01-27how does it scale?