Which comments by Mchelly were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-12Railway lingo as break-up metaphor
2019-12-09Extraordinary portrayals of positive traits, actors or real people?
2019-12-08Is it ethical to post negative reviews for small-time bloggers?
2019-11-06Children's classics. Difficulty level: non-racist
2019-11-05Children's classics. Difficulty level: non-racist
2019-10-07Give me your savory / easy / efficient recipes, yearning to be baked.
2019-07-18How to kill 3-4 hours on Sunday in Manhattan in air conditioned comfort
2019-07-16Looking for gateway vegetable recipes
2019-06-13Simple graphical representations of Los Angeles suggestions needed.
2019-05-29Amazing, borderline tacky dress shoes for a 5-year-old girl
2019-05-19Zelda, Breath of the Wild, but a restaurant
2019-05-03Creative conference room name
2019-04-18Plant Identification Filter
2019-04-12"Getting married, changing my name, and feeling like a ""bad feminist."""
2019-03-20Dreamy psychedelic rock, 1966 to present
2019-03-15Three 10 Year Olds = Movie?
2019-03-06enable my kitchenware addiction
2019-02-26How much weight can a fridge support?
2019-02-21A bit of Oooo, Matron? Bedroom gymnastics? Rumpy van Humpy?
2019-02-07Help me fatten my beloved
2019-02-06Visiting Israel during Shauvot