Which comments by eotvos were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-11-24Research lab job interview
2019-11-10Gaining Perspective on Unrequited Something or Other
2019-11-01Why can’t guys admit that they like me? Are they embarrassed by me?
2019-10-10Black or white best with brown
2019-09-13I want to do a thing. My partner would prefer that I didn't. What next?
2019-09-11How can I access the data inside a dead external hard drive?
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2019-05-06Migrating to a New Podcast Player on Android - But Which One?
2019-04-09"How do you respond to ""Where do you want to go?"""
2019-04-08Can I turn this timely skill into a project or even a job?
2019-04-04How were you shown you were loved as a kid?
2019-03-27how to business trip, San Francisco edition
2019-03-27how to business trip, San Francisco edition
2019-03-03Kids online TV featuring POC and non-US cultures.
2019-02-21What else can I put in my heels?