Which comments by Mizu were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-29Beautiful and/or Yummy Plants for the Garden
2017-12-27Dutch Oven Gift - Should I keep it or exchange for a larger size?
2017-12-13Shaped Crochet Hood
2017-12-12Owl crochet all the mittens
2017-12-09So. Many. Oysters.
2017-12-05"Men's" crew-neck shirts with larger-than-normal necklines?
2017-11-30Eggs and cheese and dinner and lack of direction
2017-11-13Handheld salad-like hors d'oeuvres for Thanksgiving?
2017-11-12Between a polyamorous rock and a monogamous hard place??
2017-11-09How can I stop (or better manage) my crying episodes?
2017-10-29How do I figure out if I want to date my friend when I've never flirted?
2017-10-24What can I crochet for a 9-month old girl in 5 hours?
2017-10-23Pimp my pumpkin ravioli, please.
2017-10-17My Halloween costume involves food. How can I make this work?
2017-10-16Is This Really How It's Gonna Be?
2017-10-12Clothing brands to get tailored
2017-09-27Please help me feed my guests with special dietary snowflakes
2017-09-26I need an artichoke dipping sauce that isn't tons of butter or oil
2017-09-21Hibiscus pairings
2017-09-20Why did it have to be snakes?
2017-09-12What can I make with semiprecious stone beads, other than jewelry?
2017-09-04Self-Care During Stressful Time
2017-08-30I need modular food
2017-08-09How do I make my eyeglasses super sparkly?
2017-07-25Preventing panic in a six year old
2017-07-16Best vegan entrees good at room temperature
2017-07-09What are some unexpected luxuries I can treat myself with?
2017-07-07Gym to office, no shower in between
2017-07-07Deslippifying hardwood stairs
2017-07-03O MY GOD THE STINK
2017-07-02(Re)learn to sew?
2017-06-23Will No One Rid Me of this Troublesome... Cabbage?
2017-06-11Japanese Shoe Etiquette- Business Setting
2017-06-09Everyone needs a hug--but not this week!
2017-06-05What does one serve with tuna casserole?
2017-06-03What does it look like to come to love a pet in a gradual way?
2017-06-02street taco make ahead pack
2017-06-01I don't drink...or do I?
2017-05-30[Imminent dinner filter] Can I quickly make these olives less salty?
2017-05-26I feel angry when my partner talks about this specific topic. Help!
2017-05-21Host sweet host
2017-05-19What is this shape in stained glass?
2017-05-15Curry sauce vs powder
2017-05-04They won't refill my Zoloft - what do I do?
2017-05-03Avoiding Handshakes: My Ask is in Good Hands Here
2017-04-19What to do-teen pot smoking edition
2017-04-15Is "philosemitism" really just a form of antisemitism?
2017-04-08Where can I find drawing reference photos of a diverse set of people?
2017-04-02Why does My Cat Mr. Chubs Squawk When I Sneeze (serious question)
2017-03-20How do I make my senior cat comfortable?
2017-03-11How can we create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere in our cafe?
2017-03-10Where can I find cute, colorful, crazy kids' clothes FOR ADULTS?
2017-03-05Adopting a three-legged cat- are there considerations we're overlooking?
2017-02-19Keep my Comcast appointment or cancel?
2017-02-10Can VR headsets work in presentation skills training? If so, how?
2017-01-20Apparently we're now a Sunday Dinner family
2017-01-20Apparently we're now a Sunday Dinner family
2017-01-06Ideas for small low-salt snacks/meals?