Which comments by The otter lady were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-11-24I want to feel like I'm sleeping on the floor, but not be on the floor
2017-11-15Objectively crappy/subjectively awesome movies to laugh at while tipsy
2017-10-30Don't you hate pants? (Plus size edition)
2017-10-22Help me score some Meowie Wowie!
2017-10-09Edifying books for last 15 minutes before sleep?
2017-07-20What is this insect, and what is it doing?
2017-07-19Need ideas for a non-pointy wizard hat
2017-07-18Behold - the tract homes and boomboxes of the ancients...?
2017-06-25Surprising Things You Enjoy
2017-06-13Shakespeare in the multiverse
2017-06-07Should I eat this soft cheese?
2017-05-12ISO: Weird, tragic, mysterious, and/or spooky history
2017-05-02Finding a reason to pursue a beloved passion
2017-04-21Unusual relaxation products?
2017-02-14Fun random tables for a junior D&Der?
2017-02-01Many, many years ago in a sad, faraway land...
2017-01-22Dog-friendly winter day-hiking/snowshoeing in the Olympic Peninsula