Which comments by filthy light thief were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-20Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Why?
2017-12-20Exercise routine using chores. Eg. Cleaning the shower is squats
2017-12-18Making photograph-ish things with chemicals?
2017-12-15Buying and stringing vintage beads
2017-12-06How to get started with free GIS tools
2017-12-05However did trees/bushes grow before we came along?
2017-11-09ISO earphone cord fix, or replacement
2017-10-26Wedding registry price changes...
2017-09-13My little boy asked me to buy him a dress. I have questions.
2017-08-22Looking for online diaries and journals
2017-08-09Moving Closer to Grandchildren: Yes or No?
2017-07-24Give me your organizing closet/pantry/kitchen/basement storage hacks.
2017-06-29First thing we do, let's pay all the lawyers
2017-05-14Earn ALL the merit badges!
2017-05-09Theme ideas for project names!
2017-04-05I need Ambiguous Names (and more!)
2017-03-31I am the tourist who knocks!
2017-03-31I am the tourist who knocks!
2017-03-23Name That Music Video
2017-03-21Baby steps toward sharing my craft with others
2017-01-20Google results and YouTube video order