Which comments by beagle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-13Cozy wood stove cooking
2021-12-05House flies galore is bad enough - but what's killing them??
2021-11-12Waltham, MA ca. 1988 - 1990: Manufacturer of Geiger-Mueller Detectors?
2021-10-31Why is going upside down giving me nosebleeds?
2021-10-29Rainwater storage in an IBC, in (barely) freezing conditions
2021-10-21Hornero Pizzero/pizza oven vs. regukar oven
2021-10-15"""Democracy in America"", but for other countries?"
2021-10-03Dazed and confused about sink replacement
2021-08-23Software and services for tracking news and updates on 2k-3k people?
2021-04-11We have a mole. Do we have to care?
2021-04-06Did MeFi have a thread about the Zolamoon Florida story?
2021-02-01A potato in winter: can I eat it?
2021-01-25Quote about sexism and musicians in the 1970s?
2021-01-23What kind of glue to repair a coffee grinder catch cup?
2021-01-06LARFCP = ?
2021-01-02Can I seal up my windy interior door frames?