Which comments by cnc were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-12is there a student loan consultant who is not a scammer?
2017-12-11Moving to South / West LA from Europe - help from locals?
2017-11-22What's the heaviest, rockiest, thrashiest, grungiest synth/piano songs?
2017-11-13What's on your European bucketlist?
2017-11-10Funny, quirky, earnest movies?
2017-11-02Taking next-level photographs
2017-10-28Best practices for modest smartphone security?
2017-09-15Workstation vs gaming PC
2017-09-08Best way to respond to the Equifax credit hack?
2017-09-07How do I move my stuff from the Bay Area to Los Angeles?
2017-09-07Examples of companies with a range of products under an umbrella?
2017-09-05We want to eat at a "Chef's Table" level restaurant
2017-08-26Help me find men's skinny jeans for a tall person
2017-08-20Rapping 4 Kids
2017-08-16My jeans, they're not hip enough..
2017-08-13Looking for earbuds for travel
2017-08-08What's a Good Resource for Troubleshooting PC Video/Temperature Problems
2017-08-02Do you like luxury? Honeymoon edition.
2017-07-26I just need a damn DAM
2017-07-20Seeking movie recommendations.
2017-07-19I have used the phrase "cold dead hands" in fear of this day.
2017-07-19Gear choices for a 25k hike
2017-07-14I'm just going to quote Jurassic Park the entire time
2017-07-14Neighborhoods and small towns near Sacramento
2017-07-10What do you do about a yelling spouse?
2017-06-30A few fun things on Maui sans kids
2017-06-28Help diagnose dead computer
2017-06-27How do modern people sync their music to Android phones?
2017-06-05Europe travel pit-stop.
2017-06-05How the heck do I hang this mirror?
2017-04-28Cheap home audio
2017-04-27Public Transportation in The Netherlands
2017-03-24Did I get a lemon?
2017-03-24Did I get a lemon?
2017-02-16Clearing personal information from Windows 10
2017-02-16Clearing personal information from Windows 10
2017-02-13Road Conditions in April at Grand Canyon and Utah Parks
2017-02-12Dress Two Tourists for Germany, Switzerland and Austria in late April
2017-02-10The household needs bigger disks. Is it time for a NAS/home server?
2017-02-09Name Some Movies That Depict an Aircraft Fighting A Giant Robot
2017-02-08Help me choose to do something scary - or back away from the edge
2017-02-07Gifted iPhone 5 reeks of cig smoke -- what to do?
2017-02-03What is a minimal twitter app for android?
2017-02-01What is the right way to calendar?
2017-01-27San Francisco Recommendations: comics, fashion, food, and more
2017-01-27Need help comparing/contrasting high end CPUs
2017-01-05"sensitive" facebook groups and privacy