Which comments by jeather were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-11-25Sitcoms where the characters get to progress toward their goals?
2016-11-17What Happened to the Toasties' Twitters?
2016-11-16Looking for cat fiction
2016-11-08Can opener and rice cooker
2016-09-29Comfort me with comfort food
2016-09-24Should I foster a baby animal? Which?
2016-07-04Buying from EU, store doesn't ship to US
2016-06-01Seeking book recommendations similar to Every Heart a Doorway
2016-05-20Which camera to take on Safari?
2016-05-12Maybe we can just have an annual lobster bake
2016-04-13Wood you like to help me plan my anniversary?
2016-04-11name this cat!
2016-03-16How do Canadian cooks measure?
2016-03-10Not just an eye of newt. Can you identify this short story?
2016-03-05Winter coat for menopausal Canadian vampire
2016-02-10Jewish memorial service and shiva for the gentile.
2016-02-10Jewish memorial service and shiva for the gentile.
2016-02-06Show me the money
2016-01-31mo brunch, fewer problems
2016-01-20How do I maintain healthy boundaries? (grad school + work edition)
2016-01-10Coaxing a cat with a sore mouth to eat?
2016-01-05Scared for my puppy, please help!