Which comments by Marie Mon Dieu were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-10-28Help me explain my anxiety.
2019-10-24I dated my best friend, and now we're not friends anymore
2019-10-15What kind of birthday cake would you like?
2019-10-04What raptor is this? Help me id the bird
2019-09-17Dam this dam
2019-09-16Dad wants freeloading brother (and ferrets) gone – but how?
2019-08-26A goose in summer
2019-08-13i like those dark floral flavors
2019-07-22How do I ask an attorney to clean up after herself?
2019-07-22How do I help a friend who might be in an abusive relationship?
2019-06-12Sexual needs in a relationship
2019-06-07Considerations for buying a house
2019-05-13how to: limited water at apartment/get a rent break
2019-05-08(When) Can I eat these?
2019-05-05What to do with a small, shallow flower pot?
2019-04-28How to have a clambake
2019-04-14I Don't Know
2019-04-14My house is built like a tank that I can't drill into
2019-04-07How does your garden grow?
2019-03-30Hypoglycemia tips for low-energy, low-appetite vegetarian
2019-03-07notable conversations on the record
2019-03-01What is this plant?
2019-02-09Kittens 101
2019-01-04Help for new Mac user