Which comments by fedward were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-27Best way to travel with a couple of cocktails in carryon?
2017-12-21How do I make my Christmas roast keep in the refrigerator?
2017-12-21Single guys that wear button-up shirts to work -- help?
2017-12-13Space Heater Recommendation?
2017-11-19Deducting closing costs in off-market home sale
2017-11-13What's on your European bucketlist?
2017-11-13What's on your European bucketlist?
2017-11-11Budget bitters, amaro alternatives, or digestifs for dabbling
2017-11-05Improve my photographs? Post processing?
2017-10-25Hiring managers--how would you like a candidate to handle this?
2017-10-252.5 Actual Days in Vegas
2017-10-11Broken engagement, and gifts?
2017-10-10No fire here, but I'd love to stop the smoke
2017-10-09South Utah wonderments close to the road?
2017-10-08This being a 2-part question about professional pathways
2017-10-06Safety of debit and credit cards with chips
2017-09-28Help me bow out of the mobile phone market
2017-09-26The Repeal That Wouldn't Die
2017-09-16Pick up an iPhone SE now or hold out for a (potential) SE2?
2017-09-14Is this insurance any good?
2017-09-11I lay down a while and I gaze at my hotel-like facility wall
2017-09-06How to grind pepper?
2017-09-01What is worth paying a *little* more for?
2017-08-30Simple astronomical observations to make in a dark, clear sky
2017-08-11Advice needed: Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive
2017-08-03Should my iPad stay or should it go nowwww
2017-08-01Eclipse viewing on Cape Cod?
2017-07-31Selecting seats when booking flights on multiple airlines
2017-06-30Suddenly, you know they are real, they mean it!
2017-06-30Suddenly, you know they are real, they mean it!
2017-06-29What's cool in Tulsa?
2017-06-29What's cool in Tulsa?
2017-06-23Tell me which iMac options to buy
2017-06-05Tell me which iMac options to buy
2017-06-02I don't drink...or do I?
2017-05-27National Park for Kids
2017-02-22Detailed Tech Tales!
2017-02-15Electrolysis causing leaks in home water pipes - is this a real thing?
2017-01-30why is it (seemingly) so difficult to just return-to-sender spam email?
2017-01-04Black mirror: Targeted ads across devices/users - how to make it stop?
2017-01-02Unbreak my heart, untotal my car.