Which comments by nobeagle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-27Why not fuel rockets externally during liftoff?
2017-10-26Tell me about your IKEA Kitchen reno
2017-10-25Remembering why I loved exercise
2017-10-04Running newbie to Mo Farah by the London Marathon Date!!
2017-09-26Solar bots
2017-09-12What is the most creative way you can think of to drain a pool?
2017-08-14How to share a chair
2017-08-10Please recommend a wrist health tracker to replace dying Fitbit Surge
2017-07-25Ultra Marathon tips and tricks
2017-07-18Electrical rewiring of whole house
2017-07-10Please help our dog chill out in the car again!
2017-06-30Trail running packs/solutions for dummies.
2017-06-29How can my husband stop startling me to death??
2017-06-28Bricked nexus 5x
2017-06-26How to set boundaries with upcoming houseguest
2017-06-23Sorry my dog peed on your kid's stuff
2017-05-17550 5.7.1 relaying denied email error
2017-04-25Pork Shoulder past its sell by date - am I being paranoid?
2017-04-24"She's going for distance, she's going for speed..."
2017-03-24Did I get a lemon?
2017-03-24Did I get a lemon?
2017-03-10Facebook : Am I going completely mental or….?
2017-03-09A safer colonoscopy
2017-02-24How do you train a dog to fully empty their bladder on command?
2017-02-22"Say what now??!" A Totally Bonkers Android Glitch.
2017-02-22"Say what now??!" A Totally Bonkers Android Glitch.
2017-02-07Will I have to pay for this crown? What leverage do I have?
2017-01-26Silent alarm
2017-01-12Physical therapy + personal trainer = ??
2017-01-12Help a kid science the speed of sound