Which comments by showbiz_liz were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-11-12Life insurance...for war zones?
2019-11-12Life insurance...for war zones?
2019-10-21What makes bacon curl?
2019-10-16SF short story - radio waves
2019-10-08Help me not ruin my hiking vacation
2019-08-27Help me find a particular new sci-fi podcast
2019-08-20How to make a company style guide work?
2019-08-19Gong at non-religious wedding
2019-08-02Getting fit without losing too much facial volume? How?
2019-07-30The Disembodied Voice will be in her Trailer...
2019-07-23The 400 Page Book
2019-07-12Was I right to break up?
2019-07-01Freeze half of every pet?
2019-06-26Why should anyone read what I write?
2019-06-21Road trip relationship crisis
2019-06-20EBike vs sweaty person
2019-06-20EBike vs sweaty person
2019-06-17How do I navigate this issue with my relationship with my parents?
2019-06-10Why are movie captions sometimes inaccurate?
2019-06-03What is this behaviour called, and how do I put a stop to it?
2019-05-17Can you help me find a particular edition of a novel I read?
2019-05-09Need a theme for a nonprofit fundraising dinner
2019-05-09Need a theme for a nonprofit fundraising dinner
2019-05-083.86 million words between two covers?
2019-04-09"How do you respond to ""Where do you want to go?"""
2019-03-29Stumped by business jargon
2019-03-29Stumped by business jargon
2019-03-28Dog phobic and the unleashed dog
2019-03-21Tone police police
2019-03-21"I hate when people give me the frozen smile say and ""you look great!"" "
2019-03-15I think I like my solitude.
2019-02-20Snake Neighbour
2019-02-11Good scar oils / creams
2019-01-22Can I figure out how to handle this unpleasant dissection lab?
2019-01-17Explain cockroach control to me like I'm a terrified 5 year old
2019-01-17Best books about any/all aspects of modern cities