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2017-11-27Ironbutt Star Trek: TOS
2017-11-27Ironbutt Star Trek: TOS
2017-11-09NSFW: Help me stop touching my bf in my sleep.
2017-10-27I'm tiling a kitchen backsplash. I need pattern ideas!
2017-10-23Pimp my pumpkin ravioli, please.
2017-10-12i have to stop eating cold tablets
2017-10-09Do "psychics" who perform cold readings believe in their own "powers"?
2017-10-07Writing a letter to someone I used to see, but have since misunderstood
2017-09-17How do I deal with my body image issues after comments during sex?
2017-09-11How can I better focus my charitable giving?
2017-07-20Not everybody lives in California
2017-07-19So...when do I get to do this whole "pursue my dreams" thing?
2017-07-14How do I dog?
2017-07-06Why aren't I hungry?
2017-06-19Quitting a job after 3 weeks
2017-06-19Blog comment retro-editing query
2017-05-25Thinking of dying hair light blond, what do I need to know?
2017-05-12ISO: Weird, tragic, mysterious, and/or spooky history
2017-05-04I haven't liked any fantasy books for awhile...
2017-05-02Finding a reason to pursue a beloved passion
2017-04-13I want you to want me.
2017-04-13I want you to want me.
2017-04-13What do I do with this short Sci-fi story?
2017-04-12What do I do with this short Sci-fi story?
2017-04-11How anxious should I be
2017-04-10Minimum Viable Wardrobe
2017-03-29The quest for the perfect sock bun
2017-03-27How to get ahead at work as an introvert without strategizing?
2017-03-20Big sleep on a long train running
2017-03-07Advice and lawyer recommendations for divorce in Charlotte, NC
2017-03-06Identify this bra! (Or find me a similar one!)
2017-03-03Discontinued nail polish dupe
2017-02-23too many walls
2017-02-09How should I react to my wife's bad moods?
2017-02-08Help! My house and everything in it smells like a dirty hippie commune.
2017-02-06SciFi/Fantasy Filter: Taking theory into practice
2017-01-24Frustrated amateur writer seeks supportive group/space.
2017-01-23Octopus parents that continue living?
2017-01-23O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Do I Store Your Sparklies?
2017-01-23Beyond Indivisible: Moral Mondays 101
2017-01-12Does "Encl: resume" belong on cover letters anymore?
2017-01-11Rebound or closure sex or...? Help me identify it
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised
2017-01-06Personal Planetarium?
2017-01-05Would you eat it: gelatinous bone broth soup?
2017-01-03What should I do!!!
2017-01-03How do I learn to assert myself more in romantic relationships?