Which comments by DarlingBri were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-21I've seen you skating. You're quite shit.
2019-12-21I've seen you skating. You're quite shit.
2019-12-12Help Me Occupy Hands and Mind during The Nutcracker Ballet
2019-12-03Pie/2 - leftover pecan pie goo
2019-12-02How to deal with having failed the GRE?
2019-12-02Doggo or Pupper
2019-11-27The easiest garlic chicken linguine recipe ever
2019-11-25How to handle holiday cards this year
2019-11-19Basic newsletter templates for nonprofit
2019-11-19PakistannnnNO thanks?
2019-11-18sticky drawers, not stuck drawers
2019-11-14How do I make a cushion out of a rug?
2019-11-12I'm awkward and hate conflict
2019-11-07Where is the eggless vegetarian Thanksgiving stuffing of my dreams?
2019-11-06Cork to Santander Ferry on foot
2019-11-05Children's classics. Difficulty level: non-racist
2019-10-22Neat indie things to buy from the US?
2019-10-13e-book libraries with privileges for nonresidents?
2019-10-11How to save the planet - one protest song at a time
2019-10-04PMS and nocturnal panic attacks.
2019-09-30Hand Stamping - what is benefit of wood stamp vs stamp & handle?
2019-09-22Bigger than a stamp. Bigger even than a postcard please.
2019-09-20Backpack handle repair - shoe repair shop?
2019-09-06Hack my menstrual cycle
2019-09-03Illustrate the cannabis industry, but don't ILLUSTRATE it...
2019-09-02Bakingfilter: Any tricks to amplify the cinnamon taste in bread?
2019-08-28Women in Tech Session
2019-08-23Sure-fire indoor toddler activities
2019-08-13Where can I find clothing like Roselinlin?
2019-08-12Should I get travel insurance?
2019-08-10Black bamboo silk pillowcases ruined my sheets?
2019-08-08Is there a virtual wall for Eufy?
2019-08-08Why is my tea so weak?
2019-08-08Why is my tea so weak?
2019-08-02How do I Beach with my elderly mother?
2019-07-18kayak or paddleboard or canoe or something?
2019-07-16Pretty (efficient, compact?) pill case recommendations, pretty please!
2019-07-13What Font is this?
2019-06-30(anti-workaholic) hobbies
2019-06-30I guess semaphore is out of the question
2019-06-21Road trip relationship crisis
2019-06-21birthright birthleft birthnorth birthsouth
2019-06-20How to create a webpage with some simple scripting criteria?
2019-06-12How to help a student get into college when the parent is against it?
2019-06-09Managing fatigue
2019-06-07Managing fatigue
2019-05-30Beetroot recipes for someone who hates beetroot.
2019-05-10Tool or approach for sharing and displaying event staffing
2019-05-04Do patches come velcro-backed at cons?
2019-04-29Good online forums/ magazines/ newspaper comment sections for midlifers?
2019-04-29Making physical representation of an ebook
2019-04-29Can an apartment block owner rent Airbnbs in their own building?
2019-04-26What are the benefits of giving out an address that isn't yours?
2019-04-26What can I mix with psyllium husk to make a low-carb cold drink treat?
2019-04-21How to Express sympathy to Sri Lankan acquaintance?
2019-04-11The exact quote is snot coming to mind
2019-04-10Is the way my mom touches/tickles our daughter weird?
2019-04-05trouble eating in the morning
2019-03-30Yet Another Brexit Travel Question
2019-03-22Knockoff versions of a very pretty, very expensive ring that I covet?
2019-03-19i want shoes that are both cute and wide
2019-03-17How to mail GF baked goods for peak freshness
2019-03-15Cons of abortion counter-protesting
2019-03-15Does she have to move out already? :(
2019-03-12People talking about their lives - in text?
2019-03-07Where do young, upper middle class women shop for clothes?
2019-03-05Cactus splinter: urgent care worthy?
2019-02-28I need to see a doctor for anxiety issues - how to convince myself
2019-02-27Hashtags to describe: group of women and non binary transfolk
2019-02-27Access to antidepressant drug(s) in South African health-care system
2019-02-21FoodSafetyFilter: re: briefish power outage & raw meats
2019-02-20I need GTD but it's giving me anxiety
2019-02-09New Laptop, 2019 edition
2019-02-06I was happier 4 years ago. How can I get my groove back?
2019-02-03Looking for a UHD or 4k Image of the Minneapolis,MN Skyline
2019-01-27How to sell art books
2019-01-23European Holiday: Suggestions for Offbeat Places?
2019-01-12What’s the name of this photography/art gallery in Marrakech?
2019-01-12What’s the name of this photography/art gallery in Marrakech?