Which comments by DarlingBri were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-27Cutting ties with Wells Fargo
2017-12-14Help for a month without added sugar.
2017-12-14Help for a month without added sugar.
2017-12-14Parenting a new puppy without buying all the things?
2017-12-14How do I regain control when I feel like my body is failing me?
2017-12-06Apartment dog
2017-12-04Log In with Facebook for account creation and contacts list access
2017-11-28Was I unclear or did they act in bad faith? Or alternative explanation?
2017-11-20Doing things that make you sad.
2017-11-08Paper baby diaper delivery
2017-11-04Maybe we'll be in a relationship by the time I'm 800 years old
2017-11-01What do you put in your quiche?
2017-11-01Toolkit Talk: Need to Fix Light Source for Photo Shoots
2017-10-30How do I figure out if I want to date my friend when I've never flirted?
2017-10-29Pain Avoidance
2017-10-29How do I figure out if I want to date my friend when I've never flirted?
2017-10-29how to get used to parents being in a nursing home?
2017-10-20Ring Ring
2017-10-18Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. ENOUGH.
2017-10-17Last $60 in Philadelphia
2017-10-16Body wash that doesn't smell like food or flowers?
2017-10-15Is This Really How It's Gonna Be?
2017-10-11Broken engagement, and gifts?
2017-09-15Recycling/re-using the contents of airline amenity kits?
2017-09-10How can I better focus my charitable giving?
2017-09-05Courier / item pick up from Bratislava to Vienna
2017-08-31How does residency and access to health care work in Italy?
2017-07-28Developing healthy relationship skills
2017-07-26Can I ask her to be friends first?
2017-07-24How to help a withdrawn/depressed foster dog
2017-07-23Things you were never told about approaching 50
2017-07-22Things you were never told about approaching 50
2017-07-22flexible seating for guests
2017-07-21flexible seating for guests
2017-07-20dating beanplating
2017-07-19Should I buy a haven in case of climate change?
2017-07-17Mould removal
2017-07-09What would you make with this fabric?
2017-07-06Are "energy socks," a scam?
2017-07-05Life after anti-depressants?
2017-07-05Big city job + Small town life?
2017-07-02How do I give my friend $ successfully?
2017-06-24Gift idea for an acquaintance who has ALS?
2017-06-23Are people with the same name [as me] hindering my job search?
2017-06-17British tv series about collectors
2017-06-15Please give me ideas for a programming demo for fourth graders.
2017-06-14Are there any websites like POGO.com but not so awful?
2017-06-09Writing client keeps changing his mind
2017-06-02how to avoid a creepy former date in a small town
2017-05-29Lease termination - what are my obligations to the Realty Company?
2017-05-28Good reading about the little process details of painting and art-making
2017-05-25Thinking of dying hair light blond, what do I need to know?
2017-05-22Tripods + Pelican Case + Checked Luggage = Please Hope?
2017-05-15Advice about perspectives on long-term desires in relationships
2017-05-10Off meter tolls?
2017-05-02Fashion Industry 101: How do visionaries make money & influence things?
2017-03-23Are nonprofits suffering in 2017? If so, GOT SOURCES?
2017-03-23Source for green Connemara marble beads?
2017-03-05Airbnb welcome, part 2
2017-02-27The etiquette of tying your dog up outside
2017-02-26Child with Congenital Illness Died, How to Help?
2017-02-23How do you train a dog to fully empty their bladder on command?
2017-02-15Managing Gmail Prompts
2017-02-15What should I read after Inspector Rebus?
2017-01-23What questions should I be asking about infertility treatments?
2017-01-20Apparently we're now a Sunday Dinner family
2017-01-19Where to go? Immigration to Europe.
2017-01-18Where to go? Immigration to Europe.
2017-01-15Should I move across the country?
2017-01-12Putting a dog to sleep - now or later?
2017-01-11Having a baby before buying a house?
2017-01-10Rebound or closure sex or...? Help me identify it
2017-01-10PMS symptoms but period hasn't shown up yet
2017-01-04Joint bank account, no will -- working as intended?
2017-01-01Unexpected uncle death