Which comments by hurdy gurdy girl were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-14Media for kids that promotes compassion/perspective/boundaries
2019-11-24Pre-rock & roll pop songs with overtures
2019-11-24Pre-rock & roll pop songs with overtures
2019-10-08Favorite achievable experiment videos (YouTube, etc)?
2019-09-16Dam this dam
2019-08-19learning, teaching, learning teaching
2019-08-19learning, teaching, learning teaching
2019-08-09Vancouver Ice Hockey
2019-06-02Help me elevate my trip through the Rockies
2019-05-16Mykonos! Santorini! Greece for n00b international traveler!
2019-05-13Front desks in the pre-internet era
2019-04-29Concepts that are blue
2019-04-23Why am I so upset by my friend not sharing a difficult time with me?
2019-04-05Brain injury, mental health, and divorce. Your experiences, please?
2019-02-25Best books for babies?
2019-02-03Another book or author name question
2019-01-14What household items from non-US countries should I know about?
2019-01-05How to make a meal with fish roe?