Which comments by yohko were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

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2017-12-20Exercise routine using chores. Eg. Cleaning the shower is squats
2017-12-16How can I sort out this housing and school conflict?
2017-12-16Please explain voter ID to this non-American like I'm a 12 year old
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2017-12-15Billy's Bad Day and other existential crises
2017-12-14replacing bottom of cabinet under kitchen sink due to water damage
2017-11-27International (US-Canada) connection at SFO in <50 minutes. Really?
2017-10-21Where can I learn wrestling as a female adult beginner?
2017-10-19Actual best way to clean e.g. extensive tile floors, stone showers, etc?
2017-09-26How do you phrase a headstone to say "We Love You"?
2017-09-13Is my user name an ableist slur?
2017-08-20Gifting a tree
2017-06-05Sleeping on back, toes up in the air... really?
2017-06-03Related words which point to social relationships
2017-06-03Healthier alternatives to Clif Bars?
2017-04-04I need Ambiguous Names (and more!)
2017-04-04I need Ambiguous Names (and more!)
2017-04-04Just HOW crazy is the eclipse viewing going to be?
2017-03-15Help me memorialize my fuzzy slippers!
2017-03-01How do I deal with wanting to help, but feeling like I'm losing my life.
2017-02-08Help! My house and everything in it smells like a dirty hippie commune.
2017-02-08Please help me register my daughters as Irish citizens
2017-02-07All Due Respect to The Onion
2017-02-07All Due Respect to The Onion
2017-02-06Boundary-setting for Dummies