Which comments by EndsOfInvention were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-24For example, a sculpture made of toxic waste but realistic
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2019-08-23Drum me off the couch
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2019-08-19What is this mystery medieval-ish weapon?
2019-08-05"Another round of ""Can I Eat It"" - Goats Cheese edition."
2019-07-09Culinary media for pre-school aged kids?
2019-06-20EBike vs sweaty person
2019-06-20EBike vs sweaty person
2019-06-19Seeking: drafts of speeches etc in case of failure
2019-04-26Key fob failure, car alarm question
2019-03-15Three 10 Year Olds = Movie?
2019-03-11What are some great examples of London accents in song or rap?
2019-02-25Best books for babies?
2019-02-11Alert! Alert!
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