Which comments by obiwanwasabi were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-14Help for a month without added sugar.
2017-12-10Am I right to be annoyed by this?
2017-12-10Am I right to be annoyed by this?
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2017-11-16Can you re-mineralize/grow/repair your tooth enamel?
2017-10-02What PS4 games would a kindergarten-aged kid like to watch?
2017-09-18Kid's birthday party etiquette help, SVP?
2017-09-12I need Harry Potter party games for 7 year olds.
2017-08-17Best co-op Talisman-like board game to play with my kindergartener?
2017-08-02Re-learning piano as a grown-up
2017-07-19Gear choices for a 25k hike
2017-07-10What do you do about a yelling spouse?
2017-07-06Roleplaying for Young Players?
2017-05-25Give me an l, give me an o, give me a v, give me an e
2017-05-25Any travel tips for Mexico City?
2017-03-2715% gratuity on a raft trip fee
2017-03-15This is all very puzzling to me
2017-02-26Name for a current political phenomenon?
2017-01-23Can we negotiate this vet bill?