Which comments by Kadin2048 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-12-19Best mobile phone services in DC
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2019-08-19Does “banning” bad things actually work?
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2019-06-25Needed: hard-sided, zipperless luggage
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2019-06-17Cell Phone service off northern coast of Norway, how does it work?
2019-06-17Take steak camping
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2019-05-28Helium balloons?
2019-05-17Need to pull folders/files off computer. Thumbdrive/flashdrive?
2019-05-14Cross Country Trip Planning, 1899 Edition
2019-05-14Cross Country Trip Planning, 1899 Edition
2019-05-12Budget-safe GPUs
2019-05-10My phone hates this wav in particular
2019-05-09How to get school district to stop idling buses?
2019-05-09Best way to reject offer in consulting?
2019-05-083.86 million words between two covers?
2019-04-26Car mechanics not afraid of rust
2019-04-22"Dental protocol on ""free"" cleaning"
2019-04-19What percentage of the world’s population are firstborns?
2019-04-15Just tell me what laptop to buy
2019-04-04Best digital recorder a non-tech person can stand
2019-03-27Taking photos of faded grave inscriptions
2019-03-26Help me pick a mid-range smartphone
2019-02-26Looking a gift wood stove in the, um, firebox?
2019-02-20Please recommend books with lots of exploding spaceships
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2019-01-17Assume a spherical deer...
2019-01-13Sending an idea to a car manufacturer
2019-01-13Bug ID, unsettlingly large edition
2019-01-10Co-worker on local news. How do I download the video?
2019-01-03How can I heat my entire car up to and hold at 160 degrees?
2019-01-02Baby's first hard disk?