Which comments by jamjam were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-24For example, a sculpture made of toxic waste but realistic
2019-11-18sticky drawers, not stuck drawers
2019-07-12Am I obligated to accomodate a surprise vegan houseguest?
2019-07-01Is it possible I'm allergic to the water in Japan?
2019-06-12Used shirt has weird smell
2019-06-03Keeping things perpendicular during assembly
2019-05-31I wanna party with Darwin and Dickens
2019-05-30Drivetrain for touring bike
2019-05-08How to get into a faucet?
2019-05-03How can I manage nausea and/or decouple it from pain?
2019-05-01I Lose Stuff When the Least Bit Sleep Deprived
2019-04-09Why is he getting fat?
2019-04-05trouble eating in the morning
2019-04-05trouble eating in the morning
2019-03-29Can the check-valve in my hose bib cause high pressure readings?
2019-03-21How to unscrew toilet water supply hose that is stuck to bottom of tank?
2019-02-17How do I restore this antique wire laundry basket?
2019-01-18YANMD-Antibiotic TKO edition
2019-01-11[metallurgy filter] Copper, tin, and smearing