Which comments by jessamyn were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-218 Crazy Legs
2019-12-17where can I read things out loud for fun?
2019-12-17Pharmacy protocol for flu shot
2019-12-16Boston Suggestions
2019-12-12Internal Tax Service QuickBooks Online Support
2019-12-10Anything cool near Englewood, New Jersey?
2019-12-10Birdwatching resources for kids
2019-12-10Birdwatching resources for kids
2019-12-05Reference librarian wants to shelve
2019-12-01Do book designers read the book before doing the design?
2019-11-27Which tablet should I gift?
2019-11-24"""I just can't see it."" Obliviousness and division of labor"
2019-11-22Is it okay for a committed partner to flirt with women on social media?
2019-11-18"Etiquette/Manners Filter: Go-To Quip for vendor ""I don't work here"" ?"
2019-11-15Incomplete Twitter Timeline
2019-11-14Body Decomposition in a Cold Environment
2019-11-14Body Decomposition in a Cold Environment
2019-11-14unprecedented acorn abundance: anomaly or illusion?
2019-11-14Body Decomposition in a Cold Environment
2019-11-09Shipping car across state lines to unreliable family member (not my idea
2019-11-07How many books are printed in one edition of a book?
2019-10-28should I stop seeing my therapist?
2019-10-28Polite response to news of death morphs into performing at funeral. Help
2019-10-27Help me explain my anxiety.
2019-10-22Is a gas line partially outside the house okay to feed a fireplace?
2019-10-21Early November in Cape Cod, or Elsewhere?
2019-10-18What's Burlington like for a visit? How about to move to?
2019-10-15What’s the kindest thing to do?
2019-10-13e-book libraries with privileges for nonresidents?
2019-10-12e-book libraries with privileges for nonresidents?
2019-10-12Mum threatening to divorce my 75yr old dad
2019-10-02Help me make Pinterest be less terrible
2019-10-01How do I accept a sincere Day of Atonement apology?
2019-09-28Looking for role models?!
2019-09-26How can I talk to my partner about decluttering?
2019-09-24Looking for: 1. audio with transcripts and 2. articles with translations
2019-09-24It feels like there are fleas on me, there are not, any ideas on a fix?
2019-09-21Can anyone read/identify this inscribed tablet, Arabic maybe?
2019-09-21Make them worship me as a coffee pod god
2019-09-21Help me autumn the eff out of autumn
2019-09-16Dam this dam
2019-09-16Explain this Social Security issue to me, please.
2019-09-16How to transport a steak dinner?
2019-09-13I want to do a thing. My partner would prefer that I didn't. What next?
2019-09-11Audiobooks for schools
2019-09-06Things to do in Yakima area
2019-08-26What are the details of the contract between Motorola and ICE?
2019-08-23How do you buy nice things?
2019-08-22Best medical alert device for MIL?
2019-08-20Addictive Podcasts for a Road Trip
2019-08-19How much should I clean up after my housemates?
2019-08-15Fear and anxiety, how to deal
2019-08-14after all these years
2019-08-06Immigrant/Refugee Library Programs in light of El Paso
2019-08-05Washington DC Auto Title Question
2019-07-29Do you know this WWI fighter pilot?
2019-07-29Do you know this WWI fighter pilot?
2019-07-24Pre-purchase: Septic Fixed, Yard is Gone
2019-07-24Help me come home to a spa, scent-wise
2019-07-18Disposal of old pictures and similar items?
2019-07-16My Brother's Keeper, lliterally?
2019-07-15Looking for more retrospective company disaster books
2019-07-11I really hate it here
2019-07-10Videos of orchestras with featured people of color
2019-07-10He's fallen, and we want to help him up
2019-07-10I really hate it here
2019-07-0180's students, what films were your film society showing then?
2019-07-01One email in Thunderbird inbox won't delete.
2019-06-24how do I think critically about this immunotherapy drug for cancer?
2019-06-18Like Spotify for books
2019-06-13Great picture libraries
2019-06-01Progressive flags
2019-06-01Tell me the cool way you organize your car
2019-05-31Mistake on Taxes
2019-05-28Plastic bags, the more sustainable choice? Break it down please...
2019-05-25Packing materials and media mail?
2019-05-21I don’t play video games, but now I wish I did. Video game-like learning
2019-05-15How do I watch this movie?
2019-05-10"Art ""How to Draw"" Book for Kids"
2019-05-09Reasonable expectations, real estate buying edition
2019-05-08A real rhubarb of a pickle of a jam
2019-05-08"Why might someone ""ping"" another person online?"
2019-05-03Why no DOI, ORCID, ISSN, ISBN in Google Scholar
2019-04-29Concepts that are blue
2019-04-29Making physical representation of an ebook
2019-04-26When is it time to distance yourself from someone?
2019-04-25Reasonable to skip a tricky wedding? difficulty level: mom
2019-04-15Time for another round of Name That Scat
2019-04-14Tell me how much a mattress cost.
2019-04-12I have money; how do I get the IRS to take it?
2019-04-11are there persuasive non-economic arguments for migration?
2019-04-10How do you get leftist news and culture?
2019-04-03"How to say ""no"" enabler edition"
2019-04-02I pitched the same idea to two places, both liked it. What do I do?
2019-03-30Help a tattoo newbie, please.
2019-03-27What are some healthy coping mechanisms for negative feelings?
2019-03-25advice that feels like bullying
2019-03-22Stay Calm and Stop Annoying Your Friends
2019-03-21Interview Question—Library Edition
2019-03-21Tone police police
2019-03-17Phone call transferred to international line - fees?
2019-03-15Tell me about being a SKYWARN spotter
2019-03-13Can I use IFTTT to get a text when I get a particular email?
2019-03-13Can I use IFTTT to get a text when I get a particular email?
2019-03-11Nature guide for Spring?
2019-03-09What is cake?
2019-03-08Super Specific Moving to Vermont Questions
2019-03-04It's me or the drink
2019-03-01What is this plant?
2019-02-27What do 15 year olds want to read? Non-native english speakers edition.
2019-02-26(How) can I effectively have a discussion about sexism with a coworker?
2019-02-21An American Werewolf in Canada
2019-02-21what do you call a mint worker?
2019-02-16How to have good boundries with younger friends
2019-02-13Books about Engineering
2019-02-10Non-physical ways to show affection
2019-02-09Mouse Turds, Aging parent, Good Lord Hope Me Metafilter
2019-02-07Partner wants to logic his way through our relationship
2019-02-06Living with intention
2019-02-02The Ugliest Street in America
2019-01-23Dealing with inherited possesions and letting go
2019-01-16Is it even possible for me to get a decent score on GRE Quantitative?
2019-01-15Social Security Death Index, where is it?
2019-01-12Introduction of my son and daughter to my ladyfriend
2019-01-08Comedy Movies with High Body Counts
2019-01-01How do you handle talking to difficult people when you're tired?