Which comments by restless_nomad were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-09-26Tie / fastener system for hanging lights outdoors
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2019-07-05CMYK, PDFs and test-prints
2019-06-20The Real World: Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape
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2019-06-07Considerations for buying a house
2019-05-24My online group went from Metafilter-esque to Reddit. Help?
2019-04-12"Getting married, changing my name, and feeling like a ""bad feminist."""
2019-03-01Can blockchain improve my sex life?
2019-02-24Looking a gift wood stove in the, um, firebox?
2019-01-09Online Tutor Me To Be An Online Tutor
2019-01-03Can/should cat have meds before vet visit?
2019-01-01AAVE “lite”? Question about slang appropriation