Which comments by shaademaan were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-17How the heck do you afford a down payment for a house?
2019-10-09I don't like having my brains picked.
2019-09-235 year age gap seems bigger now i am older?
2019-09-03Advice for long flight
2019-09-03Advice for long flight
2019-08-29the ones who walk away from academia
2019-07-31If a married friend propositions you, do you tell his wife (a stranger)?
2019-07-30Pricing for API Access
2019-07-24My therapist had an off day .... should I have said something?
2019-04-22"Dental protocol on ""free"" cleaning"
2019-04-14I Don't Know
2019-03-31To post-doc or not to post-doc, with some interesting twists
2019-03-15Wanted: your best wisdom & resources to support an 'estrangee'
2019-01-09Online Tutor Me To Be An Online Tutor
2019-01-08Online Tutor Me To Be An Online Tutor