Which comments by nantucket were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-11-13Not being the smartest one creates self-hate
2019-11-06Turmeric is stuck in my taste buds! Help me get it out.
2019-10-11what actually IS flirting
2019-10-11what actually IS flirting
2019-09-29Help me identify this short story
2019-07-18How to kill 3-4 hours on Sunday in Manhattan in air conditioned comfort
2019-05-02Manhattan to Long Island in 90 minutes
2019-04-22Don’t know much about biology
2019-04-13Who are the people and birds in your neighborhood?
2019-03-30What am I supposed to be doing in therapy?
2019-03-28Dog phobic and the unleashed dog
2019-03-19What to serve with hot borscht and rye bread
2019-03-11Last-minute literary costume ideas for a costume-hater
2019-02-28Help me get over this mistake and request more helpful feedback
2019-02-28Help me find more graphic memoirs
2019-02-23Need tricks for decoupling self-esteem from publishing rejection
2019-02-13Can I eat this? Boiled chicken edition
2019-02-07Is this comma really necessary?
2019-01-13Bug ID, unsettlingly large edition
2019-01-10It's not like taxi apparently
2019-01-09It's not like taxi apparently
2019-01-06Why am I the mosquitos chosen snack?