Which comments by halation were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-28give me your best casserole recipes!
2017-12-18Help a pregnant Jewish lady make a nice Christmas for her husband please
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2017-11-15Man I need help finding a backpack.
2017-11-14Non-Spicy Thai Curries
2017-11-12The pie's the limit!
2017-11-12The pie's the limit!
2017-11-12The pie's the limit!
2017-11-09NSFW: Help me stop touching my bf in my sleep.
2017-11-01What do you put in your quiche?
2017-11-01Vegan appetizers - the Costco edition
2017-10-252.5 Actual Days in Vegas
2017-10-24Is my cat speaking English? (not as stupid of a question as it sounds)
2017-10-22Will this job offer kill her green card?
2017-10-20Letters of Recommendation for SLP Grad School
2017-10-16'We may not have much, but we have each other'
2017-10-10historical fiction for kids set in London or Malta?
2017-10-06Breaking champagne against the bricks? Celebrating a new house with kids
2017-10-05Preserving preserves - avoiding the fuzz
2017-10-04What's your take on these Halloween decorations?
2017-09-30Harassment between student w brain injury and trauma survivor student
2017-09-24I need this thunk emoticon and Google won't give me anything
2017-09-23A Squirrelly Conundrum