Which comments by soren_lorensen were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

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2017-06-28Alternatives to Facebook events?
2017-06-13looking for boxer shorts to wear under skirts
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2017-05-22Getting in Shape with Chronic Illness
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2017-05-16Twenty acres and a toddler
2017-05-12ISO: Weird, tragic, mysterious, and/or spooky history
2017-05-07CanIEatThis: Expired Refrigerated Tofu
2017-05-02Provide ideas to prevent employees from taking advantage of free lunch
2017-04-30BF likes Role-playing Games and I want to be ok with it
2017-04-27Explain FaceBook to me like I am five
2017-04-25Things that are better with kids
2017-04-25Help me build a UK vacation itinerary for this May!
2017-04-07Hack my spudly storage skills!
2017-03-31Quiet snoring keeps me awake
2017-03-28They practically raise themselves with the internet and all
2017-03-23No one eats like Gaston
2017-03-19How do I say "stay away" in dog-speak?
2017-03-14Dear Internet detectives, can you help me find this bear?
2017-02-22Lost Basset Hound on the Run! Where do they go?
2017-02-03Day trip from DC
2017-01-31My little Gandhi's hunger strike.
2017-01-25Resisting Trump without Representation
2017-01-19Baking up a storm
2017-01-10Tofu for dummies.
2017-01-05How did you our people you know learn to not be racist and xenophobic?
2017-01-03Help me find someone to help me find a job in Chicago