Which comments by Exceptional_Hubris were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-15Trader Joe's Snack Doppelgängers?
2017-12-14Prime rib to go, please.
2017-12-07Staying warm in Iceland: footwear?
2017-10-09I want to eat all the best things without cooking or leaving my home.
2017-09-28One hard-boiled golf ball, please.
2017-09-06How to grind pepper?
2017-09-06Henhouse, Meet Fox
2017-08-07Tips for NYC (Brooklyn)
2017-07-24Spain Foodie Tour 2017
2017-06-25Please help me with simple Instant Pot recipes to support bodybuilding
2017-06-05How do you find someone who has disappeared?
2017-05-25The senate is no longer congressional?
2017-04-03MLB Advanced Media Filter: How to listen to yesterday's game today?
2017-04-03Finely-scented Cthulhu
2017-04-03Finely-scented Cthulhu
2017-03-30Not-too-popular SF Tenderloin restaurants?
2017-02-09Bladerunner: Bangkok Edition
2017-02-03Am I In General Contractor Hell (or not?)
2017-01-30Volunteer as Arabic translator at Dulles
2017-01-27San Francisco Recommendations: comics, fashion, food, and more
2017-01-27Japanese diner books and TV shows?
2017-01-10Basic gentile etiquette
2017-01-05Help me explain nominal, ordinal, and interval data, and means and modes