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2017-12-22Is Durham discontinuous? Are other cities?
2017-12-19Help me find this Star Wars t-shirt, please!
2017-12-08Dealing with cliques at work
2017-12-07Dealing with cliques at work
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2017-11-01Gift Exchange Ideas for Large, Broke Family
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2017-09-20Best breweries in the US that employ women?
2017-09-20Best remedies to avoid getting sick?
2017-09-12I need swag, just not so swaggy
2017-09-12I need swag, just not so swaggy
2017-09-07After grieving, funny videos with chickens or goats?
2017-09-01What is worth paying a *little* more for?
2017-09-01What is worth paying a *little* more for?
2017-08-10Advice on relationship with Chinese girl
2017-07-21I want other people's memories.
2017-07-18Behold - the tract homes and boomboxes of the ancients...?
2017-07-03What are the most cost efficient options for photo hosting?
2017-06-08Can I replace my Macbook Air with an Ipad Pro? Or is it still too soon?
2017-05-08Pizza delivery...by motorcycle?
2017-05-04Basic video games for olds
2017-03-30How do I found out what I can build on this property?
2017-03-24Did I get a lemon?