Which comments by amtho were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-24For example, a sculpture made of toxic waste but realistic
2019-12-17What foods and condiments are better homemade?
2019-12-17Searching for the quietest electric tea kettle
2019-12-02Doggo or Pupper
2019-11-28Cooking fail advice please
2019-11-17Life tasks - what do we do and when
2019-11-12How to soothe my ex's anxious cats until they can move in with him?
2019-10-18What's the safest space heater?
2019-10-10How to save the planet - one protest song at a time
2019-10-08Favorite achievable experiment videos (YouTube, etc)?
2019-09-28Don, we've got an Oreo Cookie Problem
2019-09-28Don, we've got an Oreo Cookie Problem
2019-09-26How to enrich the life of a cat
2019-09-19Fun simple circuits
2019-09-10Looking for poetic, lyrical, music
2019-08-27I've heard of Gallows Humour but this....
2019-08-20Another bored cat question
2019-08-14after all these years
2019-08-11How to make a NICE best man's speech.
2019-08-01Superheroes in hot weather
2019-08-01Superheroes in hot weather
2019-08-01Superheroes in hot weather
2019-07-25How can I stiffen fabric into durable forms and stick it on a canvas?
2019-07-10Videos of orchestras with featured people of color
2019-07-10potluck ideas: kidney failure edition
2019-07-05Recipe filter: Vegan picnic main dishes without soy?
2019-06-24Cat cannot sleep on bed anymore; how to train her
2019-05-27Helium balloons?
2019-05-23How should I love my dog less?
2019-05-17A Forgotten Birthday
2019-04-25Houseplant is dying. Help?
2019-04-22Can [my cat] eat this [plant]?
2019-04-21Short-term microapartment life
2019-04-18Vegan cookbooks or websites for the Eastern European palate
2019-03-19What are some terribly designed but wildly successful objects?
2019-03-08Advice on making a career move to climate change education/outreach
2019-02-28How to caringly reject white people?
2019-02-15Drinking the Kool-Aid
2019-01-30Replacement for WebFaction?
2019-01-29Replacement for WebFaction?