Which comments by witchen were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-12-02Doggo or Pupper
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2019-10-07Help me not ruin my hiking vacation
2019-09-10Getting your kid into college, 2019 edition.
2019-08-19How do I get my shit together?
2019-08-07Indie bands with jams
2019-07-05Help me Marie Kondo my squalid computer
2019-05-10A thing happened. I'm wallowing. Please help me pull out of it.
2019-05-01Career building job or comfortable job
2019-03-21Interview Question—Library Edition
2019-03-21Quest for New Women's Chelsea Boots
2019-03-20Oxford comma and quotation marks
2019-03-05It's me or the drink
2019-02-08Help me feel better!
2019-01-22Music to make your guests think you're cool