Which comments by mandolin conspiracy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-17where can I read things out loud for fun?
2019-11-25What are your top Oboe jams to displease my roommate?
2019-11-06Explain dishwashers to me
2019-10-12Help me find two CBC radio specials on 3 Mile Island
2019-09-29What was this large contraption a band had on stage?
2019-09-27Take the Canadian Securities Course and Get Coles Notes
2019-09-27Take the Canadian Securities Course and Get Coles Notes
2019-09-17Leaving for Antwerp and Amsterdam in early October - what to do there?
2019-09-10Does modern-day (free) Clipart exist?
2019-08-21Addictive Podcasts for a Road Trip
2019-08-12Alcatraz and Rose
2019-07-13My friend is scraping her grinder for weed with a butter knife... help!!
2019-06-03 Need your tips on ambidextrousness (Broken Elbow Edition)
2019-05-30Beetroot recipes for someone who hates beetroot.
2019-05-21"Suggestions for organizational ""open after my death"" boxes?"
2019-04-25Road trip, Edmonton to Toronto - advice and must-sees?
2019-04-07Geely wha?
2019-03-22Incredible clawhammer banjo playing
2019-02-22An American Werewolf in Canada
2019-02-13The Mysteries of the Human Body
2019-01-28Looking For Best Vegan Cream Of Mushroom Soup
2019-01-22Music to make your guests think you're cool
2019-01-21"""Words are... our most inexhaustible source of magic"" "
2019-01-09Beans, beans, the musical fruit