Which comments by zippy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-09-29Why do some middle-aged men lie about their age on Tinder?
2019-08-30Should I accept a free 1974 Toyota Landcruiser?
2019-07-22Lost in a Foreign Land
2019-06-04You can’t hulk out in here! This is the war room!
2019-05-20Float your hoverboard recommendations and purchasing tips this way!
2019-05-16Why is it so difficult to prevent buffer overflow attacks?
2019-04-12I have money; how do I get the IRS to take it?
2019-03-27Source This Necktie
2019-03-27Source This Necktie
2019-03-17How are boxes typically kept while being mailed?
2019-03-11"Talk to me about ""smart"" TVs. More specifically, how to make them dumb? "
2019-02-02Why does the coffee filter rip?
2019-01-19Debugging Poor Google Indexing of (Blogspot) Blog
2019-01-16Is having a colonoscopy without sedation a stupid idea?
2019-01-07East Bay? OK! (Kid-friendly edition)