Which comments by warriorqueen were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-15We're pregnant! I need a checklist.
2019-12-09Extraordinary portrayals of positive traits, actors or real people?
2019-11-28Cooking fail advice please
2019-11-28Cooking fail advice please
2019-11-27Dog Attack! Help us in real time!
2019-11-18Parentfilter: past as prologue; or, managing unresolved childhood issues
2019-11-09Is “Guts” the book too old for my kid & other anxiety book recommendatio
2019-11-08National Geographic was wrong!!
2019-10-21Can I eat this: Frozen Food Thawed For Six Hours Edition
2019-10-12Mum threatening to divorce my 75yr old dad
2019-09-12Vegetarian Mains
2019-08-27How to use a planner 101
2019-08-25What are your best baby redirects?
2019-08-14Is there a minivan in my future?
2019-08-14Raising an issue with my manager
2019-07-08"Does a parent's car insurance claim ""count"" when a child gets their own?"
2019-06-26Am I my brothers' keeper?
2019-06-21Road trip relationship crisis
2019-06-21birthright birthleft birthnorth birthsouth
2019-06-21Burnout and deadlines
2019-06-18Robot Leg Success Hacks
2019-06-18Robot Leg Success Hacks
2019-05-31Well, _________. That's why.
2019-04-24How do you tidy and store kid stuff in a small home?
2019-04-16DID and race
2019-04-05trouble eating in the morning
2019-03-28What are some healthy coping mechanisms for negative feelings?
2019-03-25advice that feels like bullying
2019-03-24What do you love/hate about your home design, with toddler
2019-03-21"I hate when people give me the frozen smile say and ""you look great!"" "
2019-03-11I need help preparing for a contentious work meeting.
2019-03-10You can lead a baby to water...
2019-02-19Is Light Tax Fraud Disqualifying in a Relationship?
2019-02-10Aidez-moi à Montréal
2019-02-06How to deal with a family member when upset?
2019-01-31Reacting to diversity hiring when I am Hispanic but it is not obvious
2019-01-25How to pay my spouse for running my webshop?
2019-01-14I'm in a moral quandary about my responsibility to my aging parents.
2019-01-02What are these things we found in my Mother-in-Law's china cabinet?
2019-01-02Help me feel at peace with my decision to keep my parents in my life
2019-01-01Help me feel at peace with my decision to keep my parents in my life