Which comments by ananci were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-02Doggo or Pupper
2019-11-2299% sure it's not a magic lamp
2019-11-18:siren: calling all ice cream making mefites :siren:
2019-11-17"Ideas for ""Cozy"" birthday evening"
2019-11-16American in Europe?
2019-10-17Help us survive our first family snowy winter in a mountain home
2019-09-29What are these mushrooms?
2019-09-29What are these mushrooms?
2019-09-21Help me autumn the eff out of autumn
2019-09-20In anticipation of Octoberfest, what is the best way to clean lederhosen
2019-09-05Coinages Whose Pronunciations Took on a Life of Their Own
2019-08-26Toxicity of chimney creosote to environment?
2019-08-19How much should I clean up after my housemates?
2019-08-05Those gender dysphoria blues, sex edition
2019-07-10Is GoodRx legit?
2019-06-21Low-effort summer solstice celebration with kids
2019-06-12just a simple village girl living in the shadow of a mountain
2019-05-11Green Man is sold out. What are my chances of finding a ticket?
2019-05-05What to do with a small, shallow flower pot?
2019-05-02Best way to communicate with an event team?
2019-04-30Career building job or comfortable job
2019-04-24"The mythical power of knowing someone's ""True Name"""
2019-04-20a festival of colors - sourcing colors
2019-04-13Like restless leg syndrome, but in shoulders. Now what?
2019-04-11Strategies for staying on track at work through micro-interruptions
2019-04-02Black pens in The Hedgehog?
2019-03-27how to business trip, San Francisco edition
2019-03-21Can I make it smaller?
2019-03-04How should I style/arrange the plants on this long windowsill?
2019-02-21What else can I put in my heels?
2019-02-18Website design 2019
2019-02-17Relaxing by watching other people work
2019-02-16Explain facials
2019-01-13Whoa-oh hot toddy, bambalam
2019-01-10Kickstarter Video - Optional or Required?
2019-01-08Comedy Movies with High Body Counts
2019-01-07TEA-rrible accident
2019-01-07East Bay? OK! (Kid-friendly edition)
2019-01-05The Eyelashes (NOT of Tammy Faye)
2019-01-04Can I sous vide Costco salmon filets in the plastic bags they come in?