Which comments by ananci were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-05Help me dress like the post-apocalyptic hedge witch of my dreams
2017-12-05Photoshop my room
2017-12-04What's wrong with my ladybits?
2017-11-29What's wrong with my ladybits?
2017-11-16Slightly More Interesting Roast Turkey
2017-11-13Help for Steroid Side-Effects?
2017-11-02Looking for a specific online article - details unclear
2017-10-20Help me wake up the way I want!
2017-10-12Theater games for young kids in an audition setting
2017-10-10Do "psychics" who perform cold readings believe in their own "powers"?
2017-10-05Is there a ghost in my computer, or is it Russian hackers?
2017-09-29What normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2017-09-22Glass dip pens, how well do they work?
2017-09-15How to break in boots that are older than I am?
2017-09-12 What is my job title and how much would you pay me?
2017-09-06Greyhound and cats / longish working hours
2017-09-06How can I find high-quality photos that can be turned into prints?
2017-08-31Tell me about your experiences buying tights in bulk
2017-08-28Which bug could be responsible for this strange bite?
2017-08-15How do I find T-Shirts that fit like... some of my other T-Shirts?
2017-08-11How is this trick -- I mean illusion -- done?
2017-08-07Which dating apps in Chicago skew toward the weirdos?
2017-08-02Building a blog's audience?
2017-07-17How does one hire a sculptor?
2017-06-29Help me understand how American Community College works
2017-06-27Oily skin is now also dry skin?
2017-06-27Self-help books for becoming the calm, collected person I want to be
2017-06-13Verbing Weirdly
2017-06-13looking for boxer shorts to wear under skirts
2017-06-08How do I find an artist to create my t-shirt idea?
2017-05-25Should I see a doc for this sprain? Is there a Betteridge's law of Ask?
2017-05-20Graphic design hand-holding for a non-designer
2017-05-11Is fasting going to murder me?
2017-05-10Help me get the wardrobe I want
2017-04-18Where is the best place to find freelance coding help?
2017-04-15I need to get psychological help but I'm afraid of not having job
2017-04-14Living abroad alone.....experiences?
2017-04-07What's your remedy for depression-related fatigue?
2017-02-17Samarkaand Came To My Kitchen
2017-01-28How to meet new people ... instagram edition
2017-01-27Artist friend wants to know how to find an agent
2017-01-19So Just Got Back From Hospital After Ingestion of Psychoactive Plant-ID
2017-01-17Free yourself from the grind
2017-01-13I cannot remember what I bought these food items for.
2017-01-10Tigers with Saddles
2017-01-07How to promote a resume editing service