Which comments by ArbitraryAndCapricious were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-31How do I accurately describe this familial relationship?
2017-12-27Seeking book suggestions for Read Harder 2018 challenge.
2017-12-27Good dog cartoon
2017-12-19Exercise routine using chores. Eg. Cleaning the shower is squats
2017-12-02Seeking Body Weight-Based Upper Body Strength Workout
2017-09-30What normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2017-09-29What normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2017-09-07Help me find this series of romance novels from my childhood
2017-09-05Help me find this dress!
2017-08-25Amanda Hugankiss, and other terrible (wonderful?) Punny Names
2017-08-02The Ten Essentials of College, 2017 Edition
2017-06-29Help me understand how American Community College works
2017-06-11Help me find this book!
2017-06-11What is this book involving a dance about a basilisk?
2017-05-19Does talking about suicide really help prevent suicide?
2017-05-13ISO: Weird, tragic, mysterious, and/or spooky history
2017-05-12ISO: Weird, tragic, mysterious, and/or spooky history
2017-05-05Please Help Me Math
2017-04-27What were the purposes and pitfalls of introductions a century ago?
2017-04-25Last-Minute Dystopian Snack Assistance
2017-03-26Sending a child off into the world
2017-03-11How did people get fancy degrees in the olden days?
2017-03-06What language is this? Genealogy edition
2017-02-16There's a type of product literally called "makeup", what is it?
2017-02-15Mascara that won't smear
2017-02-12My new psychiatrist is making me do neuropsych testing
2017-02-07Daily White House Protest During Lunch?
2017-02-01How to find out my representative's schedule of public appearances?
2017-01-11Please hope me find my Women's March et al slogan tees
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised