Which comments by scruss were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

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2017-12-11So many keys for identical filing cabinets. I just want one.
2017-11-30Recommend a RaspberryPi kit.
2017-11-29Old-time vs bluegrass music
2017-09-30What normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2017-09-25Solar bots
2017-08-29Help me ID this light sci-fi about religion, Godlike power and chickens
2017-08-26Smoothing plywood edges
2017-08-07Help when will Delicious let me export my bookmarks?
2017-08-06Cracking the (almost certainly simple) code
2017-07-25Dried carob pods in Toronto. Help!
2017-07-19Batch Conversion: doc to docx without M Office
2017-07-06More music like Beekman Blues
2017-05-05Not industrial, not house, but Powerhouse!
2017-04-05how did interest in savings accounts work before computers were around?
2017-04-05I need Ambiguous Names (and more!)
2017-03-04Origin of a geometric tile design pattern?
2017-03-04"Cretin" and "Cretan" are homophones...right?
2017-02-02Bringing Google Wifi in to the UK
2017-01-17Welsh translation help: "y barnydd"?
2017-01-12Help a kid science the speed of sound
2017-01-02Wait... They Don't Love You Like I Love You