Which comments by Dashy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-26What was this research paper about academia?
2017-12-05Does This Financial Advisor Exist?
2017-12-05is this even worth it
2017-09-12"Experience" gift for someone visiting Paris?
2017-07-09What do you do about a yelling spouse?
2017-06-17YANMD: Stuck Poop, Upper Colon Edition
2017-06-08Best home base town for Connecticut & NYC trip segment
2017-05-24Bitten by a tick in Georgia. See a doctor now or wait?
2017-05-13Who is the John Muir of New Hampshire's White Mountains?
2017-05-08Casual/Stylish Work Shoes for a Guy with a Bad Back
2017-04-21When in Boston eat the Lobstah Roll?
2017-04-20Do I have to surrender my cell phone at my brother's wedding?
2017-04-09Plane travel with walking boot
2017-03-21Dentists really aren't scary, but how do I convince him of this?
2017-02-13Making money, remotely or in the short term
2017-01-18Does it make sense to pay off a 30 year mortgage in 6-9 years?
2017-01-10Thinking about a career change that would require laser eye surgery...
2017-01-02Pay? Save! Pay! Save?