Which comments by aspersioncast were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-19Best mobile phone services in DC
2019-12-17Publishing houses with notable graphic design
2019-12-15Is my university a particularly leftist bubble?
2019-12-15Is my university a particularly leftist bubble?
2019-11-10Shipping car across state lines to unreliable family member (not my idea
2019-09-18T42, Xubuntu, Wacom, Go!
2019-09-14Percussion with no backline and also it's me?
2019-09-09Name that skull!
2019-08-30Blistering in new exterior paint
2019-08-13Set Me Up For Failure!
2019-08-12Bicycle commuting in the outer suburbs
2019-08-07Inventions of the 21st century (not through computers or the internet)
2019-07-23Least-scary route from Baltimore to Pittsburgh, for a nervous passenger
2019-07-19Help make stickers stick (Bike Helmet)
2019-07-10What's this smell?
2019-07-05Help me Marie Kondo my squalid computer
2019-05-08How to get into a faucet?
2019-04-30Tell me how to find a specific type of corn?
2019-04-30Is there such a thing as a good, inexpensive stovetop pressure cooker?
2019-04-06Would an AKG Perception 200 be better than a Bluebird mic in my studio?
2019-04-01How should we respond when our super fixed our ceiling but not the leak?
2019-03-25Please help me get rid of this laptop before it becomes a museum piece.
2019-03-21How to unscrew toilet water supply hose that is stuck to bottom of tank?
2019-03-20Dreamy psychedelic rock, 1966 to present
2019-03-20Dreamy psychedelic rock, 1966 to present
2019-03-20Name (and kill) this Texas weed
2019-03-07Is there a term for empathy minus sharing feelings?
2019-03-04Beltway bachelor seeks bargain bicycle
2019-03-03Should I have sex with him? ( xxx subject matter)
2019-02-22Make my Mac recognize that it indeed has free space for an OS reinstall
2019-02-18How to get the best sound with consumer equipment into a PA?
2019-02-13Can I eat this? Boiled chicken edition
2019-02-12Is my power adapter extension cable compatible with new laptop?
2019-02-12Older man from church shouldn't be driving
2019-02-01What happened to saving the earth?
2019-01-28What's My Bag: Lightweight Backpack Edition
2019-01-09It's not like taxi apparently