Which comments by late afternoon dreaming hotel were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-22Lead-Free Crystal
2017-12-21Fostering and engaging with face-to-face communities and activism
2017-12-05"Lovingly" mock a kid with feigned abandonment - is there a word for it?
2017-11-13To dust you shall return: winter skin edition
2017-10-30Anything to be done about keloid scar in lip?
2017-10-18What changed your life? (street arts outreach team edition)
2017-10-17Alternatives to Love
2017-10-02Small sights in Paris?
2017-07-14What is the origin of the 90's/00's "gay rapper" rumor?
2017-06-2613 hour layover at LAX -- Leaving on a jet plane
2017-06-21Help me see the gorgeousness of the UK for a week using public transit?
2017-06-14Beans, beans, the musical fruit: the more you eat, the more you toot!
2017-06-06LGTBQ musicians/bands from the 80s to early 90s?
2017-06-05How do vegetarians stay sated?
2017-06-02What's a time you felt lost and found yourself?
2017-06-01Where can I find medieval knights with laser weapons?
2017-05-31Friendship Healing San Francisco Ideas?
2017-05-26I feel angry when my partner talks about this specific topic. Help!
2017-05-18HELP! My cat may have swallowed an adderall pill
2017-05-05Songs about how much fun it is to sin
2017-05-01A place for everything, and everything in its place
2017-04-27My dog was given expired rabies vaccine, what now?
2017-04-27How do I disinfect a lawn?
2017-04-25Raising informed citizens
2017-04-25How to embed exercise into one's lifestyle?
2017-04-14In need of a book to be obsessed with
2017-04-13Bruce Lee's Batwings
2017-04-12How do I make my face stop burning?
2017-04-11What is the current thinking about race and genotype?
2017-03-24How would you professionally "Boomerang" a bungee swing vid?
2017-03-22Best Floppy Heel Trail Running Shoe?
2017-03-20Sequoia NP and Death Valley NP in late March
2017-03-17Mortgage officer screwed us over. Help me not have a total meltdown.
2017-03-14Can a GenX progressive be OK with joining AARP?
2017-03-14I want to watch trout run
2017-02-28Supporting some feral roses
2017-02-27How Do I Keep My New Rug Sparkly Clean?
2017-02-23What are the best space/astronomy-related activities and events?
2017-02-09Can somebody translate "Nevertheless, she persisted" into Latin, please?
2017-02-07Writhing in pain, nothing helps. What to do ...
2017-01-25Resisting Trump without Representation
2017-01-23Help me make the most of a work week in the bay area
2017-01-05 K, ok?