Which comments by box were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-27Celebration Gadget
2019-12-10Birdwatching resources for kids
2019-10-21Question 2: Electric Hey Wait a Minute
2019-10-07Good and concise blogs / news sites about (American) football?
2019-09-14How many different car models have ever been made?
2019-08-19Help me find a bike for poor giants
2019-08-11New Car Buying -- Manual Transmission non sports car Filter
2019-07-27Give me all experiences related to (preferably not white) blues
2019-07-15German-American U.S. Presidents?
2019-07-07Is there a bike type best suited for hand pain?
2019-06-01Tattoo prep for newbies?
2019-05-18Workplace Celebration Food Ideas
2019-05-13Front desks in the pre-internet era
2019-04-10Does my soul-backpack exist?
2019-02-23Why aren't there more photographs?
2019-02-11Nonprofits with Amazon wishlists
2019-02-03X marks the [literary] spot
2019-01-25Crate digging in NYC? What CD/record stores are must visit in NYC?