Which comments by Oyéah were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-27Great American Road Trip, Weird Stuff edition
2017-12-27Things that ground us, things that lift us
2017-12-14Help Me Move: ADHD Version
2017-12-10Someday I’ll have two good arms again, but not today
2017-11-24What should I do with all this turkey stock?
2017-11-13What's on your European bucketlist?
2017-10-29I just broke up with my boyfriend, and am feeling really down about it.
2017-10-14Halp. Sliding door stuck inside of wall
2017-10-09There is no happiness like mine. I have been eating poetry.
2017-09-20Best remedies to avoid getting sick?
2017-09-18Car Conundrum! Confounded by Conflicting Conclusions!
2017-09-12What is the most creative way you can think of to drain a pool?
2017-09-09Do I have a rat or mice infestation?
2017-08-27I can't smell that smell
2017-08-12How do I remove my kitchen faucet?
2017-08-11There was a mouse so I blew up the block
2017-08-09Baby Facebook-ing
2017-07-29Where can I find more of these African ornaments?
2017-06-07Should I eat this soft cheese?
2017-05-23Passive responses to passive-aggressive presents?
2017-05-19What is this shape in stained glass?
2017-04-28Antidepressants and Stomach Issues
2017-03-30Best intro books to Russian history
2017-03-11Hipster Bib Aprons, But Without The Hipster Prices
2017-03-06Orchestra Nerds Need Help with Dumb Puns
2017-02-13What would cause a car to run better after a reset?
2017-01-23Help me make the most of a work week in the bay area